Innovative Hardware and Software to Treat Medical Conditions

Innovative Hardware and Software to Treat Medical Conditions

22-Nov-2018 by Evelina Kaganovitch

We all know technology is the way of the future. Meet the startups who are merging technological devices and health to provide innovative digital health solutions that support, monitor and treat medical conditions.


A goal-oriented physical rehabilitation tool based on video gaming.

Recovering from general injuries and from neurological diseases is very difficult. Rehabilitation centres work hard but they struggle to meet the high demand for physical rehab. Only six out of ten patients who are discharged continue the recommended therapy at home. The rest find it either too boring or not effective enough. Raccoon.Recovery is creating a hand rehabilitation device and system that combines the best of gaming, AI, ML and rehabilitation.

After producing video game controllers, the Raccoon.World team noticed that some of their customers were using their device to help with stroke recovery. Svitlana Malovana (CEO and co-founder) has experience in legal services for innovative businesses and is an alumni of numerous business programs. Alex Radovichenko (COO and co-founder) is a software developer, skilled manager and an alumni of YC School. Vitaliy Tolkachov (CTO and co-founder) has 7 years software and hardware development experience and Anna Bezrodna (CMO) specializes in customer development and promoting IT solutions. Raccoon.World was named as one of the Top 10 Startups of 2017 in the Robotics and VR sector by Techstart Boston. They were also on the list for the Audience Choice award at the Vernadsky Challenge for ‘Best Project 2017’, and received the European Grant Program Horizon2020.  

The design and the size of controller can differ depending on muscle activity condition and disease

How does Raccoon.Recovery work?
A patient arrives to an appointment and a rehabilitation specialist examines the motor skills using a moldable controller, that attaches to the patients palm and transfers hand movement and motor skill data to the software. It tracks the angle of fingers and wrist along with angles of flexion and extension, volume of movements and other parameters. A rehab specialist makes a diagnosis and determines which function needs to be trained, and selects specific training movements in the software. For the patient the process is fun, they simply choose a video game and play. The software does the rest. The progress is tracked and visible to the rehabilitologist and patient. The gamification process helps be more involved in the rehabilitation process and activate a different part of the brain which helps to control the movement.


Detect, Analyse and Treat your Snoring.

If snoring affects your life, there is good news! Snoring is a condition that affects countless people. It is estimated that 40% of men and 24% of women snore, but the partners of snorers are the ones who suffer the most. Snoring also has a tendency to worsen with age and can point to signs of central or obstructive sleep apnea. Goodsomnia is working hard to become world leaders in helping people with snoring problems and their partners lead better lives.

The company was funded by Swedish and Ukrainian investments with headquarters in Stockholm. The founder of Goodsomnia, Hans-Jörgen Henriksson, (CEO) is a serial entrepreneur with a huge experience in IT and telecom area. Robert Åslund, who is the CTO, has worked on the strategic product development and sales of high tech systems for the international medical technology and biotech companies in Sweden and the USA. Oksana Pashchenko, Senior Product and Global Marketing Manager at Goodsomnia, comes from a marketing and communication background. Her experience lies in SaaS marketing, digital marketing and eCommerce. The team is passionate about innovation and enjoy seeing projects evolve.

Goodsomnia has a patented stop-snoring solution, that is based on biomechanical stimulation. It is intended to be used for 30-60 seconds a day, for 3 weeks, similar to using an electric toothbrush. It is a new unique stop-snoring device that can to be used at home and is easy to transport. Goodsomnia has somewhat created a gym for the throat which keep muscles of the soft palate strong and fit. It’s an incredibly simple solution and the results will help customers manage and control the problem.

The Goodsomnia electric muscle stimulation device comes with a Goodsomnia Lab application to track snoring patterns and progress. As an extra benefit in a premium version, the app can detect early stages of sleep apnea and track the sleep efficiency with heart health during sleep. This will change the way how people solve snoring-related problems, saving a lot of relationships and improving global health level. Download it now on the app store! 

We are excited to hear the teams pitch and to celebrate the progress the startups have made over the three month journey at our Demo Day on November 27.

Startupbootcamp Team 🙂