FoodTech Spotlight: Xavier Boidevezi

FoodTech Spotlight: Xavier Boidevezi

21-Nov-2018 by Ozge Ulke

Our Demo Day at Station F is supported by the top leaders in the global foodtech ecosystem. Because we know that co-creating is the strongest method of innovating, this year, we’ve partnered with companies with a strong positive impact on the future of foodtech including La FoodTech, an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, experts, creators, producers, related to foodtech.

Today, we met Xavier Boidevezi, for our spotlight to learn more about La FoodTech!

Since 2016, Xavier Boidevezi officially leads the Frenchtech Foodtech AgTech thematic network as National secretary and is the President of the Dijon FoodTech association.

Xavier is also the Vice President of Groupe Seb’s Digital Factory. He joined Groupe Seb in 2011 to launch Cookeo and then Cookeo Connect, one of the first connected kitchen devices. Before that, Xavier spent 13 years within the Danone company working in Germany, Saudi Arabia, France, and Vietnam. Passionate about cooking, Xavier holds two diplomas in cooking and pastry.

Q: So Xavier, could you tell us a bit about La FoodTech?

La FoodTech is a network of numerous local ecosystems based in different cities in France (Lyon, Brest, Rennes-Saint-Malo, Montpellier, Lille, Dijon,…)

Its mission is to federate the ecosystem key players (entrepreneurs, industrial actors, researchers, public actors), to promote their innovative actions and to support their acceleration. To this end, La FoodTech organizes and takes part in various events (Food Use Tech, VivaTech, SIAL, SIRHA…), keeps up-to-date with the FoodTech AgTech actuality, and maintains relationships with the whole ecosystem.

Q: As an expert, how do you see the future of foodtech?

The way we eat is constantly moving, which opens an enormous range of opportunities for la foodtech to develop. Today, there are many big challenges about food. For instance, how to help people to eat better is a real problematic we encounter. The other big challenge is how to feed the world population in 2050. Young entrepreneurs, researchers, start-ups… are the ones who will answer and are already answering these strategic issues while developing the foodtech sector.

Q: How is the foodtech ecosystem in France evolving? What are the major dynamics?

The French FoodTech ecosystem is getting richer. Projects and startups are multiplying, but competition is tough. In the sectors that are already well developed, such as delivery, there is a concentration of a few succeeding start-ups while others are forced to disappear. On the other hand, many projects emerge, and the legislation also evolves to encourage entrepreneurship. For instance, a law was just voted to facilitate the creation of new businesses and boost innovation.

I’m optimistic about the evolution of the foodtech ecosystem, and I also think it will participate in better nutrition and better eating habits while preserving the planet.

Q: What are the next steps for La FoodTech in the near future?

We want to develop the network so that France can maintain its worldwide Food and Gastronomie leadership. Being one of the most innovative countries to carry actions to go further in the development of food innovation. And we are relevant to do that!

We also need to work in partnerships with big firms, smaller companies and international players in order to rethink together the food sector and reach a digital maturity allowing us to develop new business opportunities.

Q: What drove your interest in Startupbootcamp FoodTech Demo Day to become a media partner and what are your expectations from the Demo Day as an attendee?

La FoodTech and Startupbootcamp have the common mission of supporting the world’s best entrepreneurs through all stages of their growth. Therefore, la FoodTech and Startupbootcamp have got closer to promote the startups’ innovations presented during Demo Day.

I’m expecting from the event to be surprised, impressed and to meet new passionate and promising foodtech entrepreneurs.


We are fully booked for our Demo Day! If you are interested in joining us on November 29, join our waiting list and we will get back to you as soon as we have a free spot!


Ozge Ulke