The City of Tomorrow Episode 4 : ” How can we drive efficiency within Smart Cities?”

The City of Tomorrow Episode 4 : ” How can we drive efficiency within Smart Cities?”

City of Tomorrow
05-Nov-2018 by Diana Florescu

A city is considered smart when its stakeholders proactively work towards solving problems and creating solutions that provide value to its citizens. The consensus is that if you’re driving efficiency, you’re driving value. Smart technologies can make our cities more efficient – for example, by using IoT solutions. But, as everything becomes increasingly connected, it is important (especially for companies) to think about what (and how) things are going to change.

Is there a one-size-fits-all model for IoT? What are some examples of developments that increase the efficiency of our cities? How can different stakeholders collaborate in the data space, to implement innovative solutions that bring about efficiency in the city? What will happen as things become increasingly connected – and what will the disadvantages be, when it comes to our reliance on connectivity?

Episode 4 answers all these questions and more, in an insightful discussion led by Manuela Krull. This episode features 3 guest speakers: Max Kranendijk, the Innovation Manager at VodafoneZiggo; Shravane Balabasquer, the CEO of Prognostic (one of the 9 startups of SmartCity & IoT Class 2019), and Martijn Hoekstra, Director of Business Innovation at Sandd.

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