FoodTech – Startup Of The Week: Poirot

FoodTech – Startup Of The Week: Poirot

24-Oct-2018 by Ozge Ulke

Our startup of the week is Poirot! Poirot is a suite of digital tools for the bar and restaurant industry. Their first creation is a device that enables automated measuring and processing of beverage inventory so that bars & restaurants can count their inventory in a fast and flawless way. In addition, it creates a new channel for enhanced communication between client and supplier through an ordering system. With Poirot, bars and restaurants can have a clear picture of their inventory and get the best deals from their suppliers.

Born in 2017 in Estonia, Poirot has two co-founders. Herman Koriagin is the CEO who has 10 years experience in software and business development and Hassan Melikov is CBDO or chief business development officer with more than 20 years of experience in hospitality industry in cities like London, Helsinki, Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Riga, and Moscow.

We met Herman, CEO of Poirot for our startup of the week to learn more about their entrepreneurial story!

Q: So Herman, what is Poirot? What do you guys do?

Poirot is the long-awaited solution for long present problems of the hospitality Industry. We provide modern digital tools for tedious, time-consuming but essential business processes, to make them time and cost efficient. Our first solution on the market is the inventory system which consists of an IoT smart scale connected to software on a mobile device. We are creating more solutions for the industry and soon we will be integrating an ordering system which will enable our clients to connect with their suppliers directly.

Q: How was the process of inventory count before and how is Poirot improving it?

Well, basically, before Poirot, the inventory counting process was being done with pen and paper. Counting the number of closed-bottles is easier compared to measuring the opened bottles. Even most of the biggest restaurants and bars are now measuring the amount of liquid in an opened bottle by “the eye” which is quite inaccurate or using measurement glasses which eventually destroys the contents of the liquids. Not to mention the time spent per bottle. Our system allows measuring the liquid with scales within seconds with 99% accuracy. We enable our customers to measure their entire supply up to 80% faster than what would normally take with the current methods they are using.

Q: Who are your potential customers that can benefit from using Poirot?

Our customers are those who would like to implement a fresh and modern approach to their businesses, who value cost and time efficiency in their day-to-day operations and, of course, are aware of the money that can be saved through improved inventory management.

Both large chains with a need for centralized control and local hotels, bars, and restaurants can benefit from our solution. In fact, we are already working with clients like Swissotel, Radisson Blu, Vapiano, Tallink Hotels, Carmen Catering group, and some local bars in Estonia and Lithuania.

Q: Wow! You already have a strong position in the market. What is your motivation to join Startupbootcamp FoodTech? What is your growth strategy like?

Thank you! First of all, it’s never a bad thing to learn and thanks to this program we are gaining not only really useful business contacts but also learning how to leverage them. It’s great! Especially when you are coming from a smaller market environment. Our strategy is straightforward – show the product, get known, and sell! While we are improving the capabilities of our system, we are targeting a strong customer base in Europe.

Q: How did you come up with the name? What does it mean?

Poirot is the well-known character of Agatha Christie, known for his immaculate style and easy approach in solving complex enigmas. Keen on nuances, precise, pedantic and Belgian … And a big plus is his sense of humor…=)

Q: Could you tell us a bit about your team?

Sure thing! It’s a perfect combination! I am from IT, Hassan is the man who went from being a dishwasher to the owner of several businesses, Kirill is the Universal Soldier for databases and web, Stas is the same for mobile platforms – both iOS and Android. In addition, our team has two sales reps – Kaarel for Estonia/Finland and Vilius for Lithuania/Norway – who are ready to conquer the world.

Q: How is your experience so far at Startupbootcamp FoodTech acceleration program and what do you expect from the Demo Day?

It has been extremely educative and challenging but as I said, we want more challenge and are ready for it. So, bring it on!

We are looking forward to taking the stage at Station F and meet the strongest players of the industry worldwide! We know, there are a lot of guys aiming at the same ear of the needle, we ain’t the first, but it’s all about the ratio: the speed and the cost of target realization, and we are on it!


Want to meet Poirot? Get your invitation to our Demo Day before we run out of seats!

Ozge Ulke