FoodTech – Startup Of The Week: Hotbox Food

FoodTech – Startup Of The Week: Hotbox Food

10-Oct-2018 by Ozge Ulke

Our startup of the week is Hotbox Food! Hotbox is a clever device that takes care of the last mile of food delivery. It helps Pizzeria and Restaurant owners to deliver warm food to the home of their customer in perfect conditions, warm and fragrant. Hotbox takes care of the end consumer experience, to guarantee that what you eat at home is as good as if you were eating in the restaurant. By doing that, Hotbox Food increases the owners’ revenues, reputation and increase the costs saving on delivery operations.

Born in 2016, Hotbox Food has four co-founders: Anthony Prada as the CEO who took the team from a small reality to a well-known and recognized startup in the country, Marco Caputo as the COO who is making sure that everything goes efficiently and smooth, Claudio Giovini as the CPO, taking care of product development, but also with 10+ years of experience as Pizza Maker to pay his studies in Mech. Engineering and Domenico Palladino as the CTO who is responsible of producing the Hotboxes!

We met Anthony Byron Prada, CEO of Hotbox Food for our startup of the week to get some insights from their exciting journey!

Q: So Anthony, what is so unique about your product? Do you have any competitors?

Well, Hotbox it is the only device on the market that combines two fundamental things for the food delivery. A constant heat source that keeps the food at around 85°C and a patented de-humidification system that preserves the integrity of it. Our competitor can either keep the temperature or try to get the steam out. We do both, excellently.

Q: Who are your customers and what is the value you are proposing to them?

We have a variety of customers: from normal pizza places to big chains like Pizza Hut, our customers have one thing in common: they make great products that the end consumer, for now, can’t experience as good as they deserve.

Moreover, the online delivery market is booming, and we are co-creating with players like Deliveroo, UberEats and so forth, to create the best possible delivery service and a delightful experience at home.

Q: Could you tell us a bit about the crazy guys behind this idea?

As much as I would like to say that we are normal guys, the team is really made out of very crazy people. Fortunately, I like to say that we are as crazy as talented. What I can tell is that me in the first place, I am deeply proud of what we have achieved so far. I believe that the key has been to cluster our amazing diversities in what we do best and take advantage of it. We are all very different and quite complementary. Best of all, at the end of the day, when we get out of the office, we are still good friends and we keep having lots of fun.

Q: What are the milestones you have achieved so far and what do you expect from the acceleration program and the Demo Day?

It has been a real roller coaster. As of today, we managed to sell the first 10 Hotboxes and based on customer feedback make the product better.

But I think what is more important, besides the technical side, is that we have defined the business vision and put numbers on assumptions. Thanks to the SBC we have understood how to work leaner and more effectively. So far all we expected has been exceeded. The high quality of the network, the mentors and all the workshops have been extremely useful. Now we miss one part, the pitching trainings, but we know it is going to be the next month focus, so, we aren’t worried at all.

For the Demo Day, in Station F in Paris, we expect to find a good VC network and potentially get in touch with them so that we can start the path that will bring to a seed round, which is, after all, the reason why we are all here. With this seed, we want to mass produce hotbox and internationalize the product.


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Ozge Ulke