FoodTech – Startup Of The Week: Farm-r

FoodTech – Startup Of The Week: Farm-r

03-Oct-2018 by Ozge Ulke

Q: So Dan, what is Farm-r exactly? How does it work?

Farm-r is a platform that allows farmers to share machinery and services. Much of the machinery that farmers own is unused for large parts of the year, this is mainly caused by the seasonality of that particular farm. This underutilization is incredibly inefficient and hampers growth and innovation across the whole industry.

For other farmers, the high cost of machinery can prevent them from accessing what they need to run their business effectively, it can even act as a barrier to entry into farming altogether.

Farm-r is a P2P marketplace that connects these farmers so they can rent-out what they aren’t using or rent-in what they need, create extra revenue or save money.

By mobilizing this previously hidden stock of machinery, we can enable on-demand access to a vast selection of assets, all with just a few clicks on your mobile phone.

Q: How did you come up with this idea?

I come from a farming background but it was while I was working in the agri-supply industry, visiting farms all over the UK, that it became clear how much machinery was lying unused on most farms. Coupled with this was the fact that most farms need to use similar machinery but they actually need to use it at a different time. A lightbulb moment happened and I knew I could create efficiencies by connecting these farmers using technology. That idea turned into Farm-r, farmer to farmer rental.

Q: What is the biggest pain of farmers that you are addressing and what is your value proposition for them?

Very simply, we are helping two groups of farmers. Those who own machinery but suffer from seasonal cash flow and low margins, and those who can’t afford the machinery they need.

The first group can now exploit an extra revenue stream; sweating assets they already are a great solution.

The second group doesn’t have access to capital or loans and we provide a unique way for them to access a huge supply of machinery. They rent it on-demand so they are in complete control of, not only what they use, but also their costs.

Q: Could you tell us a bit about you and your team?

We are currently a small but perfectly formed team, all with deep roots in agriculture and a passion for changing the industry for the better.

Q: What are the milestones Farm-r has achieved and how do you see the future of your company after the Demo Day?

The initial success of our MVP kicked all of this off. We soft-launched it on Twitter and got a tremendous response from farmers all over the UK. They were listing machinery without even speaking to us! This led us to develop the product which gave us the initial traction we have seen have.

The wonderful thing about what we are doing at Farm-r is that our solution is applicable to farmers all over the world, our aim after Demo Day will be to start introducing our service to territories other than the UK, working towards the goal of building our network of farmers helping farmers.

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Ozge Ulke