The FinTech & CyberSecurity Class of 2019 are all set to enter one of the leading accelerator programs around FinTech in the World

The FinTech & CyberSecurity Class of 2019 are all set to enter one of the leading accelerator programs around FinTech in the World

05-Oct-2018 by Tasneem Hooghart

Startupbootcamp, one of the largest investors in FinTech startups in the world, started its FinTech & CyberSecurity program in 2016.  Back then, Startupbootcamp was the first accelerator, to combine FinTech and CyberSecurity (FTC) in one acceleration program. Since 2016, we’ve had 2 cycles this program – and Selection Days this week marked the beginning of cycle 3.

“We have come so far, in building a world-class FinTech and CyberSecurity Program, with the support and help of all our corporate partners. We are proud to have such leading firms from Europe in Banking, Insurance, Pension Services, Consultancy, Technology, and even law enforcement, working together with us to collaborate with the startups in our programs.” – Michael Dooijes, Managing Director, Startupbootcamp FinTech & CyberSecurity.

The Road to Selection Days: A Global Search for the Best-Fit Startups

The scouting for this program was an international effort – 540 unique applications were received this year from companies representing 52 countries all over the globe. The Startupbootcamp scouting team, including Program Managing Director, Michael Dooijes and Partner Success Manager, Elizabeth Kleinveld, visited 23 cities across 3 continents in search of the best-fit startups for the upcoming program. Feedback from our corporate partners regarding the business challenges they were facing, as well as the different sub-verticals each of their organizations were focussing on, were some of the key factors that were taken into consideration when choosing the companies that would participate in this Selection Days.

International FastTrack Tours – with partners such as PwC, NN, Rabobank, Mastercard, BBVA, PGGM, De Volksbank

The spirit of collaboration that Startupbootcamp has with its partners, was evident in our FastTrack events. We were glad to have so many of them joining us on our scouting tours!

An Outstanding Collaboration with PGGM

Selection Days took place at the PGGM Headquarters in Zeist, and this event was one of the best Selection Days we’ve seen yet, all thanks to the commitment and collaboration of the fantastic team at PGGM. October 2 and 3 were as intense as selection processes go  – all 23 startups participated in various mentor sessions (where they got guidance and valuable feedback on their solutions, from industry experts in our network), and they also had to pitch … and pitch again, in hopes of getting a spot to join the FinTech & CyberSecurity Class of 2019.

“The energy is fantastic, we are really happy to be here. Selection Days has been a challenging process but most of all, it has been a great opportunity for us to meet different mentors and partners. We got really valuable feedback, which was priceless for us. The most important thing is that Startupbootcamp is one of the world’s leading accelerators and we know that this will help us connect to all of the European countries very easily.” – Onur Yurtsever, Founder at Smart Advice

The Class of 2019 – A Diverse Group of Companies Ready to Make their Mark in the FinTech Sector 

Of course, the one question buzzing at the back of everyone’s mind during Selection Days was: ‘Which of these 23 teams are going to embark on an acceleration and innovation journey with Startupbootcamp in the upcoming program?’  After a gruelling jury deliberation on the evening of October 3rd, the final decision was made – 11 startups and 1 scale up have been selected to join the FinTech & CyberSecurity program that kicks off on November 5th in Amsterdam.

Cobertoo (Spain)a P2P insurance that covers the item most valuable for the millennial segment: their Smartphone.

Emcee (USA)an investing platform to mirror investments of peers and donate to charity.

FortifyData (USA)an accurate cyber risk analysis platform for identifying and monitoring business cyber risk exposure.

Gridarrow (Netherlands)a platform that makes it easy to push data into Excel, using a simple Python API.

KeepWarranty (Portugal)a free mobile app that saves and organizes warranties and purchase slips using OCR technology in a hassle-free manner.

Onionfive (Korea) – the leading the innovation in communication with AI technology, data analysis, and cutting-edge UI/UX.

RefundMe (Spain) – a platform that digitizes the VAT refund process not just for tourists but also retailers, airports, and governments.

Robolab (United Kingdom)the app store and Software Development Kit for financial robots powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Smart Advice (Turkey)a digital wealth manager providing financial solutions, particularly for pension and wealth management industries focusing on human-computer interaction and behavioral finance.

Soisy (Italy)an Italian Payment Institution offering installment payments at point-of-sale (POS), financed via marketplace lending.

Swascan (Italy)the first Cloud CyberSecurity & GDPR Platform.

And as the Scale-Up-in-Residence in the program:

CyberCentric (USA)helping organizations to have a good knowledge of their data using an AI-powered data classification system.

For a full list of the 23 companies that were part of the Selection Days, read our press release.

Relive the moments in photos here.

What Lies Ahead?

The teams will go through an intense, 3-month acceleration program, which has been specially designed to also facilitate guided innovation, and provide a safe space for the startups to create, test and deploy new initiatives, in collaboration with our corporate partners.

How? Startupbootcamp will be holding several sprints within the course of the program, which are essentially, 1-2 weeks of accelerated and guided innovation that the startups will embark on, together with program partners. Also, we will be providing all the teams with a Startup Sandbox environment – an online, secure platform for creation and experimentation. These initiatives will be targeted at providing our startups with hands-on support when it comes to operating with agility and creating propositions in a quick and efficient manner, with a secure validation process.

This is just the beginning: Keep up with the program!

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