Week 16: Back to Back Achievements and Unending Success

Week 16: Back to Back Achievements and Unending Success

12-Sep-2018 by Ceylan Ersoy

Stepping into the 9th month of the year, it is so elevating to reflect on what the past 3 months have brought into our lives and how the program has grown every step of the way. This week was particularly important as we celebrated the many accomplishments attained by our individual teams, contributing to the collective pride the program has brought us to feel.

We were delighted to support our very own Teleporter in TechCrunch Disrupt 2018, an event bringing together technology giants. This year’s event introduced a plethora of inspiring speakers who are forerunners of their fields. The specific feature of this year’s program involved a “women in tech and business “ focus, fused by the engagement individuals from Sophia Amoruso, the founder/CEO of Girlboss. Our team, Teleporter, lead by Aslan Yerdelen and Dilara Keçeci, presented on their innovative VR product revolutionizing video gaming all of Thursday. The team enjoyed a collective contribution from all the teams in the 3SLP program, including the day long support of 3SLP and our startups. Their fair booth attracted extensive attention with every visitor trying out the VR platform created by Teleporter’s product, through using the Oculus. Receiving extremely feedback from reporters, investors, potential partners and even users was heartening to experience not only for Teleporter but also for the program as a whole.

Another event we had the privilege to celebrate was our team Smart Mimic winning the 1st place in Pitch Force, a People Connect Pitch Event in San Francisco. The event revolves around the presentations and demo table showcases of companies to investors and guests. After close evaluation attendees vote for their top 5 favorite companies for these companies to present to a panel of Angels and VC’s. Having been selected, SmartMimic had the chance to present their elevator pitch to the panel, receiving an overwhelmingly positive feedback. “That was hands down the best presentation I’ve seen; if you’re trying to market a product, you can learn from SmartMimic” one of the panelists stated during the evaluation.

On Friday, we enjoyed attending an event called “Culture Bootcamp for Founders”, built for founders who have achieved the “product market fit and are approaching their first growth inflection point”. The event emphasized an alternative to the growth-at all-cost mindset, stating the relative importance of building a strong company culture. Sponsored by Intel Capital, the event allowed for an extensive interaction between our teams and Intel Capital. The executive MBA education, combined with interactive workshops through data driven culture pioneers offered by the event was truly eye opening for our teams.

On Saturday, we welcomed the Minister for Economic Affairs, Labour, Energy and Transport of Saarland, Germany, Anke Rehlinger, with her colleagues into our office. Their presentation on Saarland’s pursuit of application oriented research for building stronger sectors with an innovative research frontier, elaborated specifically how Germany’s outlook to business is changing. Germany’s leading sectors remain the automotive sector, health care, IT, e-commerce, logistics and service centers, with a newly developed energy system. “Future is spelled startup”, the Minister stated. “48% of all big companies in Germany are now partnering and working with startups, while another 25% is looking to go in this path of prompting innovation”. According to the presentation, Germany’s usually cautious rather than entrepreneurial stance has been transforming in the past years. The fruitful conversation we had on potential future collaboration opportunities was extremely valuable for our program.

Overall, we are proud to reflect on this week’s individual achievements, truly demonstrating a pattern of unending success for the program!