Week 15: Visitor Frenzy

Week 15: Visitor Frenzy

05-Sep-2018 by Ceylan Ersoy

The week of August 27th was a frenzy of visitors, 1:1s, and more exciting accomplishments for our teams. As our teams dive straight in to the US market in the search for suitable clients and adjusting their business models accordingly, we are growing more and more proud of the constant stream of good news the program has been receiving.

3SLP SF opened its doors on Tuesday to Shomit Ghose, representing Onset Ventures as their General Partner, working to help invest in early-stage software companies. Shomit has been serving throughout his career as a venture capitalist, board member and an operating executive, focusing mostly in software startups. His 1:1’s with our teams yielded extremely critical insight.

His feedback after listening to the teams pitches tackled a variety of things that could be worked on. “Slow down talking and keep a measured pace, it will reflect a better psychological understanding that you are more on top of your material” he started out. According to him, the value proposition and the tagline should be significantly clear and straightforward. The problem your company is tackling and how well its tackling it needs to be quantified. The pitch should build on data as its one and only defensible asset because, according to Shomit, everything else is commodity. When it comes to the introduction of founders and the team, the audience should get a clear understanding of why these people are doing this and why they are the best candidates for the job. It’s also important to specialise in the sector or field you are targeting rather than trying to approach a massive sector that might be unrelated to your cause as a whole. This can build up from understanding who your competition is and who you are trying to help.

Shomit finally signalled for the importance of sharing successful case studies and customer use cases in the pitch before moving forward with more individualized notes for the teams. Shomit not only offered recommendations on the pitches, but even offered insight and ideas regarding possible pivot points for our groups. It was eye-opening to see different perspectives on some issues our teams have been facing so far. He also emphasized the importance of differentiation through data and building a reliable customer community that cannot be replicated.

One of the most important guests returning to our office this week for 1:1s was our mentor Tugrul Firatli, the founder and CEO of BCware, a private enterprise blockchain platform. He shared his expertise as a hands on leader, elaborating on concepts  such as business development, sales and big data analytics. As an entrepreneur coming from a technical background, his input is extremely vital for revenue generation and sales platforms for up and coming startups. His 25 years of experience in the software and network sector have made him a guiding light for all our teams.

Another big name we welcomed was Joe Hurd, a member of the Cabture Advisory Board. Having worked as the Director of Emerging Businesses in Facebook, a government advisee during the Obama administration, Mr. Hurd now works in the Board of Directors of GoCompare and Edelman, focusing on digital media, social networking and mobile space.We were honored to have him take time out of his schedule and share his input with our teams.

Still in awe of the people who walked into our office throughout the week, the teams continue their hard work with unending motivation. This motivation can only be fused further with many more inspiring words coming out of our guests’ mouths in the coming weeks.