Week 14: AWS Sessions and Exciting Updates

Week 14: AWS Sessions and Exciting Updates

03-Sep-2018 by Ceylan Ersoy

As we move along with updates in our business models, networking sessions, and mentoring events, it is hard to realise September is almost here. We were excited to attend sessions with Amazon Web Services, took part in the Keiretsu Forum, and took the week look back at our progress and focus on what our teams need to keep the progress at this acceleration.

Without a doubt one of this week’s highlights was our session with Amazon Web Services (AWS), in which they conducted 1:1’s with the teams, and elaborated on how their solutions can help with our startups. Within the same day, we were honored to welcome Michelle Messina into our office. Michelle is the founder and CEO of Explora International LLC, which is an international training and consulting firm working with governments and global companies. We had a chance to delve deeper into her interests and expertise on innovation ecosystems, entrepreneurship, sustainable business models and foreign direct investments. Her insight on producing repeatable, scalable and sustainable business models for startups were particularly valuable to the teams.”

On Thursday, we attended the Keiretsu Forum, which is an extended global investment network, including angel members, presenters, mentors and entrepreneurs. We were inspired to be surrounded by forerunners in the fields of technology, life sciences, consumer products, financial services and social ventures promising extreme growth potential.

One of the most exciting updates from one of our teams, Teleporter, is that they announced the launch of their product in TechCrunchDisrupt SF 2018. They have been working hard, preparing for the launch in order to get a stronger grip of their user base and attract possible investors. Meanwhile, they continue to get support from Microsoft Mixed Reality Platform and their mentor Adam Draper, founder and Managing Director of Boost Venture Capital.


Our other teams also continue their hard work and progress. We were excited to watch Smart Mimic’s official TV commercial being launched as a result of their collaboration with Unico Insurance in Turkey. Unico Insurance’s CEO, Cenk Tabakoğlu, elaborates on their collaboration and Smart Mimic by saying “The insurance market is changing. Instead of following a system where you only need insurance after a calamity, it is evolving into a more protective approach. Our smart travel insurance product is a novelty and a first.The entire world is talking about “Internet of Things”, yet we are the first to take palpable steps in this direction. In these days where our country (Turkey) is going through economic hardships, we will nevertheless continue to produce and innovate.” Apart from the commercial, their product got published on the Campaign magazine in Turkey. Following their accomplishments throughout these past few weeks have been truly humbling.


Following this week of extremely exciting updates, we are intrigued to see what the following weeks will bring for our teams!