Startupbootcamp Alumnus CivilCops Improving Dubai Taxi Experience

Startupbootcamp Alumnus CivilCops Improving Dubai Taxi Experience

26-Sep-2018 by sarah-shokr

CivilCops, Startupbootcamp Smart City Dubai first cohort alumnus, signed partnership with Trusted Systems LLC and Dubai Taxi Corporation.

In sync, with Dubai’s vision of becoming the smartest and happiest city, CivilCops is revolutionizing the in-taxi experience for millions of tourists and residents who come to Dubai, every year.

They are currently implementing their solution, the Artificial Intelligence surveillance cameras in Dubai taxis to measure the real-time happiness from the facial expressions of the passengers.

Dubai Taxi Corporation has already started deploying the surveillance cameras in their taxi fleet, for real-time, human-led surveillance in case of an incident. CivilCops is using the camera capabilities to track real-time happiness of the riders and alertness of the drivers over a spectrum of 13 different emotions.

They’ve also installed a system where riders can report any issues with the ride using a chat interface on Facebook. All this intelligence, data and information is then displayed on a dynamic dashboard for Dubai Taxi Corporation to monitor, assess and resolve customer complaints.

About CivilCops

CivilCops a 2018 Startupnootcamp Smart City Accelerator alumni, works on the use of artificial intelligence in surveillance and monitoring for incident response. Retail intelligence, theft detection, police command centers, all use data from cameras to generate useful information.

The founders, Vaibhav and Ashish, are young social entrepreneurs from India, with a vision and belief to change the way government organizations make decisions and engage with their citizens.