From Smart Health to Supply Chain : Announcing Our Industrial Focused Startupbootcamp IoT Cohort for 2018

From Smart Health to Supply Chain : Announcing Our Industrial Focused Startupbootcamp IoT Cohort for 2018

24-Sep-2018 by Raph Crouan

If you read the news, you’ll find that IoT and AI are seemingly coupled and are almost always discussed together. This is because a connected world is not enough to be useful, it needs to have the capability to predict behaviours and adapt as we use it so that we ultimately won’t have to think about it. This is where the future is headed and it’s going there faster than you might think.

A Stronger Focus on B2B and Impact Tech.

We said back in April that we were looking for companies to join our third IoT London programme, that would fit with our strategy to further emphasise on B2B and impactful technology. Following our successful Selection Days last week, we are pleased to have yet another promising cohort of startups all seeking to out-innovate the competition and making our future a brighter place. The 8 companies that we selected for the third cohort span many of our targeted sectors and we are pleased to announce that the following startups will be joining us in October 2018:

The companies that we took into consideration were from all over the world and in a host of different sectors. In addition to meeting our goal of influencing varying markets, we also continued to attract more B2B companies than ever before. We’re making a shift in the direction that we think the world is headed and are excited to see how these companies will disrupt their respective industries.

The above shows the spread and volume of applications by country, as well as the top areas startups are working in.

Selecting our Cohort

It is very challenging to select the eight teams that best align with the programme and partners. We reviewed more than 300 startups from 51 countries and invited 15 of these teams to Selection Days last week. On the first day, each startup underwent workshops on pitching and value propositions, while the next two days were all about pitching and benefitting from 1-1 mentoring sessions with our mentors and partners. The end result is an even higher quality of teams, that you’ll hopefully get to know better in the next three months.


What’s Next?

It may seem like things are settling down, but this is just the quiet before the storm. This inaugural event marks the beginning of an extremely intensive journey that will take place over the next few months. Our program begins on October 15th, where each startup will benefit from our global network of business mentors, hardware professionals, investors and corporate partners including DLL, Rolls-Royce & Inmarsat.

It’s incredible how much we’ve seen companies grow in the span of a few short months, and we trust that these 8 companies will follow in those footsteps while blazing new trails of their own.

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