The City of Tomorrow Episode 1: “The 10 Pitfalls of Smart Cities”

The City of Tomorrow Episode 1: “The 10 Pitfalls of Smart Cities”

10-Sep-2018 by Tasneem Hooghart

Going “smart” is an aspiration of many cities around the world. Today, smart technology solutions are connecting citizens to their communities in new ways, solving issues to do with efficiency, sustainability and security. The City of Tomorrow Podcast series explores how different stakeholders in the Smart City ecosystem can come together to build safer, more efficient and sustainable cities of the future.

Over the next  few weeks, we will be releasing this podcast series of insightful conversations with experts, led by Digital Transformation Expert, Manuela Krull (who is also the Managing Director of the Startupbootcamp Amsterdam Smart City & IoT Program).

Episode 1: The Top 10 Pitfalls of Smart Cities. 

When you think of Smart Cities – you think of connected, digital utopias where the usual daily hassles are minimised by the power of data and technology. Today most cities around the world are aspiring to be a ‘Smart City’. But how do you get there? How do you truly become a Smart City – and actually, what is a Smart City?

In the last couple of years, there have emerged many lessons surrounding the topic. What is the technology trap that smart cities often fall into? In building smart cities, is data really the new oil? Is the world ready to embrace ‘digital communities’? Who really are the players in the Smart City ‘market’?

In this podcast we dive into a discussion about the 10 biggest factors that hinder Smart Cities – and how to avoid them, in order to effectively build cities that actually benefits every citizen in every society. Hosted by Manuela, this podcast features special guest speaker Bas Boorsma (Author of ‘A New Digital Deal’ and Managing Director at Rainmaking Urban)

“The purpose is not to just create technology based solutions. The purpose is to create a community/ society which is more liveable, more open, provides better opportunities for all citizens, and is conducive to new companies, new businesses, educational services and more.” – Bas Boorsma

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