Meet the next FinTech champions in Latin America: #sbcSelectionDays are coming

Meet the next FinTech champions in Latin America: #sbcSelectionDays are coming

03-Jul-2018 by Montserrat Bonilla

Within a couple of weeks, we will celebrate our Selection Days: the event where we will carefully select and announce our second generation. Lots has happened behind the scenes to come to this milestone: three hard-working months actively engaging with communities and scouting of the best FinTech talent in the region.

Every successful story begins with the commitment to go further, and we expect to find that same spirit in the top 20 startups invited to one of our main celebrations of the year: Selection Days.

From March 6th to June 3rd, our local team focused on finding the best FinTech talent in LatAm and engaging every ambitious business aiming to become the next champion in the region.

Our efforts where substantial: a tour of 11 cities and 12 events (FastTracks and Office Hours) in LatAm to connect with the best startups of the FinTech industry from every corner of the region, while providing them with a glance at the value of our program and mentoring them along with main key players of the sector.

Reach out to more than 270 communities throughout the region, Miami and Madrid, were part of the process too. The result? The pleasure of having met 165 startups, and receiving more than 200 applications from 27 countries.

The turning point in our search for the next FinTech champions is just around the corner, and after celebrating Selection Days, we will define the second generation of Startupbootcamp FinTech Mexico City. Over the last month we have been assessing every application in order to pick 20 finalists and inviting them to participate in this event.

On July 17th and 18th, nearly 60 to 80 mentors will accompany us in this process: they will meet each of the finalist startups and speed date them. Among the mentors, there will be representatives of our partners: corporate agents eager to collaborate with the best FinTech talent.

“We are interested in knowing the path they have followed so far, and their ambition to conquer new markets. Team members are key for us too, and above all, we want to know how much value they can get out of our program to achieve their goals”, shares Eduardo Morelos, Program Director of Startupbootcamp FinTech Mexico City.

For all the above reasons, Selection Days is a great event not only for our program but also for our ecosystem: promoting the best talent in the region and opening conversations between the industry in Mexico and Latin American FinTech talent contributes to building the bridges that we need so much.

This is how our Selection Days went last year, and we hope to go further this time!

Marketing and Communications Manager of Startupbootcamp FinTech Mexico City