SBC China Newsletter May’2018

SBC China Newsletter May’2018


SBC China News

On May 10th,the YES! Global Startup Camp visited SBC China and to learn more about entrepreneurship, innovation and the startup ecosystem in China.

On May 11th, a delegation from Guangzhou Fanshan and SCUT visited SBC China to discuss potential cooperation among its incubator, university and industry park to co-develope more innovation.

On May 16th,a German delegation from Nuremberg visited SBC China to attend startup pitches and join a China startup landscape workshop. Discussions highlighted a number of German startups that want to enter China, but have difficulties in doing so. SBC China might partner to help with the expansion.

On May 17th,SBC China was invited to join the New Zealand Consul-General BBQ dinner to welcome a big group of visitors from New Zealand while exploring more opportunities for developing the innovation and startup ecosystem between New Zealand and China.

On May 18th, Mr. Tong,the CEO of SBC China,attended the panel of Discussion Between Top EU and Chinese Investors during the Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair in Chengdu.

On May 19th,SBC China’s PD Erik was evaluating promising local and international startups presenting at the Tech Tour pitch event in the China-Europe Center during the Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair in Chengdu.

On May 19th,SBC China attended the 2018 Job Fair For Foreigners in Chengdu which offered exposure opportunities to over 400 overseas talents and building a short list of promising candidates to join SBC China in future.

Since the release of the “Golden Panda” policy from Chengdu Hi-tech Zone on February 5, 2018, it has attracted attention of startups from all over the world. On May 2, 2018, SBC China helped startups from the US, Europe and Asia to submit the application materials for “Golden Panda” grant to the High-tech Zone.


Alumni News

Chengdu Alumni S-There attended the 2018 Health 2.0 Europe event which shows the latest and greatest technology trends related to Digital Health in Europe on May 27-29. Meanwhile, they published an updated video and website for their smart toilet solution.

RB-Health expanded social media activities and opened an official social media account on Weibo to share professional news and knowledge about health to its followers.