Startupbootcamp Melbourne Mentor Spotlight: Zivit Inbar

Startupbootcamp Melbourne Mentor Spotlight: Zivit Inbar

21-May-2018 by Emily Whitehead

We are delighted to introduce one of our senior mentors, Dr. Zivit Inbar. Zivit is a People, Culture and Leadership expert in the field of Technology VC’s and Startups as well as the Founder & CEO of DifferenThinking Pty Ltd. An Adj Professor at Deakin University MBA Program. She is also a non-executive director, senior executive, advisory board member, and chairwoman with over 17 years’ leadership experience at board and executive levels.

Zivit’s experience in scaling up startups locally and globally, together with her vast understanding of the importance in equipping Founders and startup executives with the skills that drive success through successful execution, delivery and scalability led Zivit to develop a new program for start-ups founders and executives.

Execution=People + Culture + Leadership is a 5-day founder and startup executive’s education program that covers best practice execution theories and models giving founders practical tools to walk away with and implement in their businesses. Funded by LaunchVic, the course covers 10 key learning modules and founders are also offered a complimentary One on One coaching session with Zivit. The course will be offered at no cost to Victorian founders and executives of start-ups and scale-ups.

This course is just one of the many projects Zivit has undertaken since founding DifferenThinking Pty Ltd in 2016, a business consulting firm specializing in assisting technology companies, start-ups, and venture capitals grow that focuses on the overarching belief that “For start-ups to survive, they need more than a great idea or technology. They need excellent execution”.

These projects include co-authoring a book about the role of Boards in corporate ethics. The Ethical Kaledoscope: Value, Ethics, and Corporate Governance (2017, Routledge), was the result of Zivit’s interest in ethics in the corporate world. The book was launched early this year with many of the start-up eco-system founders, entrepreneurs, and board members attending the event.

Zivit’s passion for improving gender equality in the workplace steered her to facilitate the CSIRO’s Women in Innovation book club, which focuses on developing leadership and entrepreneurial skills in Australian females, as well as co-founding Parliament 51 Australia, a global initiative that strives to narrow the leadership gender gap.

Her Ph.D. focused on strategic thinking and strategy implementation by western companies operating in China. She has been mentoring founders in this area as well.

A graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Zivit is also a Fellow member of the Australian Human Resources Institute.

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