Startupbootcamp embarks on building an innovation program within the field of Artificial Intelligence

Startupbootcamp embarks on building an innovation program within the field of Artificial Intelligence

30-May-2018 by sbcamsterdam

Artificial intelligence (AI) is in the front and center of technological innovation.

From deep-learning theory, to automated machine learning, AI has a massive potential to reshape society as we know it. Undeniably, the world has entered into a new era ruled by data. From a business perspective it is clear where the potential lies: enterprises everywhere can now make faster decisions that could give them that real-time competitive advantage.  

The AI For Business Services Innovation Program

From our experience, we see that 70% of startups that apply to our programs, use AI. What’s more, the size of investments by VCs in AI-focused startups have multiplied greatly in the past years. 7 out of 10 of the largest companies in the world are tech companies, who have AI at the heart of their strategy. That is why, we’re embarking on building an ecosystem around AI, right here in Amsterdam.

In 2019 Startupbootcamp expects to launch an AI-centric innovation program. Tentatively, the first one will target the business services market consisting of Legal, Human Resources and Accounting Services. 

Why AI for Business Services?

At first glance, AI for Business might not be as ‘hyped’ or appealing as for example, AI in the fields of Cybersecurity or Healthcare. To us however, the potential of embracing AI within this market is far reaching. What’s more, what we’re increasingly realising is that there is a wide gap in this area: there remain many untapped opportunities with regards to harnessing corporate-startup-collaboration to unlock the true potential of what AI can do for this sector. We’re also seeing how companies within the Legal, HR and accounting industries, are often rather traditional in the way they operate and tackle opportunities relating to technology.  

“My personal motivation to explore this segment is mainly in the interpretation and reversal of the resistance that change and uncertainty evokes in some parts of these industries. I am also curious about the social consequences this AI ‘revolution’ will have in view of the social importance of the status quo.” – Bas Rogaar, Managing Director, Artificial Intelligence for Business Services Program

Over the past few months we’ve done intensive customer development and research with pertinent industry players in the legal services domain. To address the findings of our research and to bring the different players in the ecosystem together, we hosting an “AI for Legal” event on tomorrow, at our Startupbootcamp Amsterdam office. Look out for an update on our takeaways from the event, coming up at the end of this week.

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