Case Study: GDPR and how helped Startupbootcamp ease the burden

Case Study: GDPR and how helped Startupbootcamp ease the burden

01-May-2018 by Diana Florescu

Startupbootcamp, the world’s largest network of innovative programs, has become fully GDPR-ready after partnering with GDPR compliance and data management solution As well as fulfilling all its obligations under GDPR, the collaboration with has also resulted in significant improvement to businesses processes thanks to an overhaul of the accelerator’s data management systems.

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  • Founded 1915
  • Headquarters in London, United Kingdom
  • GDPR compliance and data management solution; enables a new wave of personal data-driven products to empower people and enhance businesses worldwide.


  • Startupbootcamp holds a significant amount of data in different forms, on multiple systems, and covering numerous locations. The organization also uses several different tools and apps to manage its business and collaborates and shares data with dozens of third parties.
  • Due to the scale of Startupbootcamp and the complexity of data flowing between organizations it works with, it needed an innovative and flexible solution to become GDPR compliant.

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The solution needed to:

  • Work with multiple systems to audit, manage and track data
  • Have the highest security
  • Be accessible to the SBC team – without the requirement of ‘power users’ or a team of developers to implement
  • Guide the SBC team towards GDPR compliance
  • Fulfill GDPR responsibilities – such as ‘right to be forgotten’ and the easy porting of data to individuals on request
  • Be fast to implement in line with GDPR deadline and not be resource or time intensive


  • Collaborated with PORT to automate and manage data processes and gain insights into its business
  • Rolled out winning approaches across 20 Startupbootcamp programs


    Within one-month Startupbootcamp became GDPR-ready. It is able to:
  • Prove compliance and accountability to the ICO and key contractors
  • Enable the easy fulfillment of subject requests such as the ‘right to be forgotten’ and data portability requests
  • Automatically update third-party contracts – saving hours of time
  • Maintain important documents and reports in a secure and accessible way
  • Maintain compliance with new data or systems

 Startupbootcamp saved:

  • Approximately £22,000 in setup costs
  • 220 days of work due to automation of processes
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Read the full case study

Diana Florescu

Global Marketing & Social Media Specialist at Startupbootcamp