Startupbootcamp IoT 3.0

Startupbootcamp IoT 3.0

11-Apr-2018 by Raph Crouan

This time last year we opened applications for our second Startupbootcamp IoT growth program with a shift of focus, moving away from consumer IoT applications and towards B2B and industrial ones. I’ve already written enough about this switch but, as we’ve just opened applications for our third program, I’m even more confident in it.

There are a number of reasons behind this, three of which I’ve highlighted below, and fundamentally they all form around data.

  • Data analysis is improving in industrial and B2B settings. Whereas before companies wanted to know how to collect data, now they’re looking at what can be done with it and so the benefits of IoT technology are being unlocked.
  • Competition amongst industrial OEMs is increasing. This has led to a number of mergers and acquisitions as OEMs look to bring digital and analytics capabilities in-house. All of this ultimately means that IoT technology is becoming much more advanced.
  • Developing technologies are creating better and more efficient products. Take blockchain, AI, and voice… Blockchain, or in the case of IOTA the Tangle ledger, offers full IoT security; the advancements in AI are streamlining data processing; and voice is becoming a key and convenient player in how people interact with products and their environment.

What this all means for Startupbootcamp IoT

We’re seeing IoT technology play an increasingly prominent role in improving our communities, cities and environments; you only need to look at the 9 startups we accelerated last year to see this. Yet such innovative startups still need support when it comes to working with early partners and combatting legacy systems or views on integrating IoT technology.

It’s for this reason that, as we kick off our call for applications for our third program, this year we’re especially looking to support IoT startups in the fields of energy, sustainability, manufacturing, retail, infrastructure, the supply chain, agriculture and transportation. To expand on the last sector a bit more, we are obviously interested in transport automation, but also in reducing operational wastage in areas such as heavy freight transport and aviation. As with last year we’ll continue our support for those companies developing impactful IoT solutions for society as a whole, whether that’s in education, health or the home.

Regardless of whether it’s industrial, B2B or impactful IoT though, we’re particularly keen to speak with startups that are utilising technologies such as AI, blockchain and voice in their solutions. It’s these technologies that will form the backbone for the IoT’s growth in the coming years and it’s a growth that we’re extremely excited to be a part of with our third program.


You can find us in many cities around Europe (incl. Tel Aviv) – see the map below & check our whereabouts on our webpage to apply for Office Hours here.

I’ll also be delivering in a few conferences / events my keynote on the positive evolution of IoT Technologies & solutions called : “From useless gizmos to real life changing technologies”.

Come & check it out if you’re in town !

If you want to join any of those stops, please reach out :

You can apply for our IoT Growth program here

Hope to see you around our IoT planet soon!

Raph Crouan