Keeping up with Cathy from STRIX

Keeping up with Cathy from STRIX

22-Apr-2018 by SBC

Startupbootcamp Energy Australia has 10 disruptive startups who have all been working extremely hard to prepare for Demo Day on April 27th. Have you ever been curious as to what a startup does on a day to day basis? Well, one of our cohort, Cathy from STRIX, decided to share a little sneak preview of a normal day in Melbourne as a SBC startup. Trust us when we say, with so much to do, she’s hard to keep up with…..


Hi, I’m Cathy from STRIX. My company is based in South Korea, and for the moment only I get the luxury of living in Melbourne, Australia.

My role is Global Business Development, which means my day to day lifestyle varies heavily on my meeting schedule.

I spend most of the busy days in the SBC office, centered in CBD Melbourne from 10 am- 5 pm, and start my real work after dinner. In addition, I also have regular conference calls with my teammates back in Korea. Luckily, we only have 1 hour time difference!


6 amBeginning of my day! Time to wake up.

I check my inbox, slack and other channels whilst getting ready at home. Currently, my boss is back in Korea handling our business and closing deals. However, I asked him bunch of questions last night before going to bed, and he replied while I was asleep! I have a lot to go through, but reading his answers and feedback helps me to have a better understanding of what I should achieve today.


7 am: Women in Power Breakfast.

I’m meeting with amazing women who work in the energy industry and discussing the future of Demand Response in Australia while eating delicious pastries. I could do this every day (not sure about waking up at 6 am part though). Check out LaunchVic! 

10 am: Design Session with Dellano Periera from 360media about Branding.

10:30 amI meet with a potential client to discuss pitch STRIX. Collaboration seems natural so we book another time to meet up again soon.


11 am: Founders meeting: Our weekly check up with fellow startups and program directors. We congratulate each other on good news and encourage each other when needed. It is comforting to have such a supporting group! After spending 10+ weeks together, we’ve become a family. My time in the SBC program will remain as one of the  most unforgettable experiences in my life. We are extremely excited, and nervous (the good kind) as Demo Day approaches. I can’t tell if I am more excited about demo day or the after party.


12:30 pm: LUNCH!

Finally, time for myself! I go through my meeting notes from earlier and finish translating the document my boss requested last night.

(Purple Peanuts Sushi)

2 pm: Conference call with my boss who is currently in Korea.

I briefly update him about my earlier meeting, and get his approval for the future steps. Because he is so busy, I had to learn how to manage upwards. I block a time with him regularly to ask him questions about our business and get his feedback on my performance.


3pm: Meet the press sneak preview event!

This event involves all the startups pitching our business in 90 seconds to journalists and other press. Depending on the audience, I have to alter my pitch to get the best reaction. Our product is a Demand Response software, which requires some background knowledge about energy industry. I find it most successful sure to use relatively simple words and avoid all jargon to help their understanding of our system. I received impressive feedback but definitely should continue to work on it as demo day is approaching soon.


6 pm: Dinner!!!

After a long day I take a break to relax and make some much needed dinner.


8 pm: Work at home, business never sleeps! My boss sent me a rough draft for a proposal I need in my meeting tomorrow. I go over the document and translate it in English. Before I go to bed, I prepare for my meetings tomorrow, and update my 90 second pitch based on the feedback I got earlier today. Practice makes perfect.


11 pm: Time to catch some zzz’s! It’s been a long day, and I am exhausted. I can’t wait for tomorrow, because tomorrow is FRIDAY! This weekend will be my last full weekend in Melbourne. I can’t believe the program is almost ending. Time flies when you are having fun!


Cathy will give her pitch to a room of over 400 influential members of the Australian business community, including investors on April 27th at the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground). All her hard work is greatly appreciated and noticed by many, there are great things to come in the future for Cathy and STRIX!