04-Apr-2018 by Nathaniel Witbooi

FastTrack Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is a FastTrack?


  1. FastTracks are a great way to meet the Startupbootcamp team and connect directly with a variety of hand picked mentors from various industries (both entrepreneurs and investors) in a relaxed, interactive setting and lasts for approximately 4 hours.


  1. How can I benefit from a FastTrack?


  1. Attending a FastTrack awards the participating startup an opportunity to meet with local incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces who can give them access to various resources. Participating startups often get direct access to our various sponsors in the local cities who can play a role in helping to develop their product. Attending a FastTrack allows a startup to learn more about Startupbootcamp and the opportunities that we provide the selected startups.


  1. How do you choose mentors?


  1. Mentors largely come largely from our corporate sponsors incuding RCS, BNP Paribas, Old Mutual, Nedbank, PwC, Woolworths Financial Services, Google Cloud, and they come with various experiences in various industries. Our scouting team further works with ambassadors from local incubators accelerators and co-working spaces to source for individuals who are actively involved in shaping the startup ecosystem in host cities.


  1. Does submitting an application result in my acceptance to a FastTrack?


  1. Once your application has been been submitted, you will receive an email confirming that we have received your application.  The selection committee evaluates all applications and will send a STANDBY or CONFIRMED notice via email to the selected applications (usually 10 per city). Applicants are likely to receive one of two emails, one email stating they have been accepted to the FastTrack or have been shortlisted for the FastTrack. The scouting team will communicate this clearly to the applicant.


  1. I did not get selected for the FastTrack can I still apply for the program?


  1. Application to a FastTrack does not influence your application for the program. Everyone is strongly encouraged to apply for both. If the FastTrack date has