SBC China Brunch

SBC China Brunch


On March 13, 2018, Startupbootcamp China successfully held it’s inaugural “SBC China Brunch” together with 16 representatives from consulates, chambers of commerce as well as trade and investment offices in southwestern China.

The Brunch is a by invitation only closed-door initiative in order to “Learn and exchange best practices of innovation in China”. The overseas expansion of Chinese companies and the development of international companies in China are areas of interests in the current global innovation and entrepreneurship landscape, but also one of the biggest challenges. We hope that through this activity, we can promote mutual exchange and experience sharing within the industry, and provide a wide range of valuable support among the community to foster global innovation and help startups and businesses grow in Chengdu.

Mr. Steven Tong, Chief Executive Officer of SBC China, shared with the guests key takeaways from the “SBC China Landscape Report”. The report pointed out that foreign companies face many problems in China, such as differences in language and culture, community restrictions, different business environments, and different consumption habits. However, China’s huge consumer market, strong government support, and increasing exchange and cooperation are favorable long term trends that will provide global companies good market opportunities. SBC China identified food and agricultural technology and digital health, as key industries that will play an integral role in Chengdu’s future.

During the ideas exchange session, the participants shared their views on the concept and practice of innovation and entrepreneurship in China. Mr. Erik Ackner, Program Director of SBC·China Scale Chengdu, also shared on the SBC’s concept of the China Market Entry Program. The market entry program includes workshops in the home country of the startups, a immersion camp through 4 cities in China as well as the possibility to join the Scale program in Chengdu. It helps foreign startups and entrepreneurs to truly understand China, feel China, and ultimately help them by connecting them with key players in China’s startup ecosystem. “Selected visits to foreign and local enterprises, universities, innovation centers, science parks etc. will expose those startups to the right future partners to settle and grow. The first camp is planned for launch in early May. ”

During a lively discussion we received great ideas and advices on how to improve the SBC China Brunch and what questions and problems are of most interest. For the April 10th event, we will also invite key industry partners to join the discussion.

《SBC China Landscape Report》will be officially released soon.