Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin Is En Route : RoadTour 2018

Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin Is En Route : RoadTour 2018

05-Feb-2018 by Harsha Jagasia

Hit the fast lane to scaling your startup!

Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin exists to accelerate high potential Digital Health startups, and plug them into our rich network of entrepreneurs, corporates, investors and subject specialists.
To look for the path-pavers, the get-shit-done-rs, the visionaries, we are making a world tour. Keep an eye out as chances are that we are also coming to a city near you.

Why you should meet Startupbootcamp Digital Health?
We talk a lot about that here. But in a nutshell, we are working very closely with Pharma, insurance, public health institutes, health fintech, investors and there are gaps that high potential startups can fill. We are trying to bridge that gap, give early stage startups a rock solid launchpad.

So if you’d like to consider joining Startupbootcamp, meet us at one of our FastTracks or Office Hours!

Office Hours

This is a great way to find out more, just 30 mins of your time. Ask questions, answer questions over a cup of coffee, totally casual. And in the end, you did meet the team of Startupbootcamp, who with or without acceptance, can still give you valuable feedback and connect you to relevant connections. Isn’t that the best date ever?


We will select upto 10 promising startups to present in front of our team and select group of local Digital Health players. Best case scenario can be that you get an offer to join our shortlist that very day. Worst case scenario, either of us don’t see a good fit but you still walk away with valuable feedback on your presentations by mentors, who might actually even connect you to someone relevant to your business, and you grow your network with other entrepreneurs in the room. Day belongs to those who step up and seize it!

APPLY HERE and meet us in your city:

8-9 February Office Hours Riga at TechChill
1 March Office Hours Barcelona
17 March FastTrack Mumbai at Medical Fair
21 March Office Hours London
4 April Office Hours Rome
10-11 April Office Hours Warsaw at Wolves Summit
 25  April FastTrack Berlin
17 May FastTrack Düsseldorf
25 May  Office Hours Paris at VivaTech
24 May Office Hours Vienna
31 May Office Hours Helsinki
13 June Office Hours Zurich

We look forward to receiving your application and meeting you soon! Always here if you have any questions. Please email us on

Harsha Jagasia