Meet the 10 Startups from the Startupbootcamp Commerce 2018 Accelerator Class!

Meet the 10 Startups from the Startupbootcamp Commerce 2018 Accelerator Class!

18-Jan-2018 by Natalia Sakmarova

Kicking off 2018 with an accelerator program focusing on Commerce is symbolic since 2017 had been the year of the retail apocalypse. The new year is an opportunity for the startups in the market to help big and small players adapt to the changing environment and the evolution of the customers’ needs with the help of the latest technologies. 2018 could be the year of a retail renaissance, and the 10 startups selected to join the Startupbootcamp Commerce accelerator prove that innovation is a key to success.

Among the Commerce trends for 2018, some of the most frequently cited are AI, machine learning, chatbots, gamification, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. More than ever, startups focus on the end users, helping retailers to deliver personalized, customized, and localized experiences to their customers, online and in-store. B2B buyers and users will also experience frictionless, B2C-like experience in 2018, where old-fashioned communication tools are replaced by digital-first and simplified discovery and ordering processes.

With its Commerce accelerator program, Startupbootcamp aims to support young companies that are developing innovative solutions in the fields of Retail and Commerce. After an intense selection process, out of 500 international applications, 10 startups were selected to join the program kicking off on the 19th of February. The teams will benefit from mentorship, resources, and industry connections during three months of acceleration.

We are happy to announce the 10 startups joining the program!

Lean packaging design through online collaboration in 3D, AR & 3D printing. Enables customizing a prototype and validating in the point of sale in less than a minute.

Online personal shopping service for childrenswear.

Converting waste into precious objects, through an E-Commerce and business platform, which connects upcycling with people and companies.

A Digital Piggy Bank for saving real money towards specific personal spending goals.

Chatbot builder providing communication services to e-tailers capturing two-way communication and machine learning capabilities in one.

Mobile training platform used to boost sales through scientific techniques. It enables employee engagement with gamified learning.

Augmented Reality based educational application which aims to nurture the creativity and curiosity in pupils at schools.

A payment gateway for loyalty points, allowing consumers to spend their reward points on any online store and bringing online merchants a new set of online shoppers.

Subscription-based sales intelligence tool that helps sales teams find new leads and prospects and close more deals.

Virtual Sommelier App that interacts with customers, asking them simple questions to determine their taste profile, and recommends the right wine based on an AI algorithm.

What happens next?

The Startupbootcamp Commerce accelerator program in Amsterdam will kick off on the 19th of February. The 10 selected teams will receive intensive mentorship from world-class entrepreneurs and top executives, funding of €15K, free office space as well as support from Startupbootcamp local and global partners.

At the end of the program, startups will present the results of 3 months of acceleration in front of hundreds of investors, mentors, and press at the Demo Day on the 17th of May.

To get more insights from the dynamic Selection Days, watch our immersive 360-degree livestream and take a look at our photo album.

Natalia Sakmarova

Natalia is the Marketing Lead for our accelerator programs in Amsterdam.