FoodTech Startup Of The Week – OrganizEat

FoodTech Startup Of The Week – OrganizEat

05-Dec-2017 by Martina Monaco

Do you have row upon row of shelves filled with thousands of cookbooks, recipe cards, cutouts from magazines, printouts from websites, and so on? Do you want to store them in one single place perfectly organized and always accessible? Then OrganizEat is your must have app!

We met Rachel Mislovaty, CEO of OrganizEat find out more about the app that has been changing the way we write, read and store food recipes.

M: “So, Rachel, what exactly does OrganizEat?”

OrganizEat is the app that enables you to move all the recipes you have into one place, always available from the phone, well-kept and organized. OrganizEat vision is not to be a pure productivity tool, but also to preserve the significant emotional value that a personal recipe collection has for many people. It is easy to use, simple, and nostalgically-beautiful recipe organizer for iOS devices. You can eliminate those stacks of cookbooks and recipe organizers from your kitchen when you store your favorite recipes in OrganizEat. Our handy app lets you keep all your favorite recipes organized right on your iPhone. Use this app to keep Grandma’s secret recipes stored, or use it to organize your own custom recipes. Simply snap a photo of your recipe and it’s ready for you to view. The app keeps your recipes organized by category, and you can tag each dish for easy searching.

M: “How did you come up with this idea? 

I began developing OrganizEat when I wanted to move my recipes into the iPhone. I had a folder full of cutouts from magazines and handwritten notes. I also a had a folder in my email box where I used to send myself recipes from the internet. There were also yellow stick-notes bookmarks popping out from various cookbooks pages. What a mess! I thought it’s about time I move it all into my iPhone, and have them with me constantly as I need it through the day: in the store checking for ingredients, in the playground with other moms when we share dinner ideas, in the kitchen when I cook. I looked for such an app, and just couldn’t find one that suited my needs: most of the apps had their own recipes inside, while I wanted a place for my own recipes. Some expected me to actually type in all those recipes texts (seriously?). Others did allow to photo the recipes, but did not allow to save stuff from the web, which became more and more dominant source of cooking inspiration by now. And finally, they all felt so alienated. I care for my recipe collection too much, I want a suitable home for it, a nice beautiful folder conveniently divided into sections, with elegant look and feel. Technology is great, it simplifies things so much, but it should also be beautiful, especially when it serves something like recipes: those are not just a bunch of cooking instructions. Those are also memories, small talk topics, ways of self-expression, and a close companion in everyday life. The app I use for my recipes should be a place that respects all of this, not just a technical mean of storage. And I just couldn’t find an app that is such a place. So being also a software developer with more than 10 years of experience, I started developing OrganizEat – the app for my own recipes. Here it is. I am sure you’ll love it!

M: “How did it develop?”

The iOS app I developed by myself, and we launched it in January 2016. It immediately started to gain traction and user feedback. During the next year we mostly collected users feedback and added more functionalities to the app, based on this feedback: we added grocery lists, ability to mutually share accounts between family members, colorful skins, and meal planner. We translated the app into other languages: German, French, Russian, and recently also Italian. Some of the translations were done by our users themselves – they loved the app so much that they wanted to help! The feedback from our users, their love for the product, and the knowledge that we are actually doing something the people love because it is useful and makes their life easier – this is our biggest motivation to go on, and our greatest source of inspiration.

M: “how is the acceleration path Startupbootcamp FoodTech? “

It has been very intense, and with a lot of ups and downs. It’s also not easy to be away from home for such a long time, especially for me since I have 2 girls back home, that I miss a lot. But we are learning a lot here, and I am sure the experience and the efforts will be worth it.

Interested in OrganizEat? Request an invitation to our Demo Day and come to see Rachel pitching on stage!

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