11 digital startups took Demo Day 2017 in Berlin by storm

11 digital startups took Demo Day 2017 in Berlin by storm

02-Dec-2017 by Val De Oliveira

Famously known as a place where artists such as David Bowie and U2 created art that has shaped the music scene, on November 30, the concert hall Meistersaal, in Berlin, hosted a rather different sort of show.

With its neoclassical architecture and historical ambiance, the venue was home to Digital Health Berlin’s Demo Day 2017 in which 11 startups took the stage to showcase their innovative solutions, set to disrupt the healthcare industry.

After 3 months of mentorship, leadership coaching from industry experts, practical workshops, and product enhancement as part of Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin’s accelerator programit was showtime for the Cohort 2017 and they certainly lived up to the potential.

Music to your ears 

The event kicked off with a laser harp performance that set the tone for Digital Health Berlin’s Managing Director Lars Buch to go on stage and welcome the 300 investors, mentors, entrepreneurs and the 2017 ‘squad’.

If you were not able to make it (please do join us next year), here is how the pitches unfolded.

Olga Grudniak took the stage first and introduced Biolumo, which offers fast point-of-care diagnostic machine for general practitioners (GPs) to help them select proper antibiotics. The youngest CEO in the Cohort 2017, Olga paved the way for the outstanding performances that followed next.

Adam Wozniak from Aisens was up next. Offering smart sensors (combined with machine learning) that allow physical telerehabilitation, the startup aims to speed up recovery, advise users as to whether they are doing rehabilitation in a proper way as well as motivating them to carry out the exercises, in the first place.

Then, the ball was passed on to Peter Lucas, founder of Hedia, a startup tackling diabetes Type 1. Based on data collection from external sources, big-data modeling, and AI, the intuitive app recommends personalised insulin intake, allowing Type 1 diabetics to better manage their disease.

Torafugu Tech’s founder Savvas Neophytou kicked off his pitch with an animated video clip, laying the ground for his case on how life insurance companies unfairly charge individuals with pre-existing health conditions. The startup has built a personalised life insurance product that helps people in such conditions to reduce premiums by better managing their disease.

Hello, it’s me

As the stage was ready for CardioCube, the last startup to present in the first round of pitches, the audience was in for a treat.

Instead of its CEO, Oskar Kiwic, it was ‘Dr. Alexa Braveheart’ who introduced the startup. Counting on the voice of Amazon’s Alexa, Oskar then joined the device on stage to showcase their heart patient monitoring, integrating EHRs with home medical data via Amazon’s Alexa, and cloud-based deep-learning/artificial intelligence algorithms.

With so many interesting solutions yet to come, the event broke off for coffee and the attendees took the opportunity to network and, personally, meet the startups.

And we’re back 

30 minutes later, Lars Buch took the stage to introduce the Berlin Institute of HealthDigital Health Berlin’s newest partner and express gratitude for the incredible partners and mentors that make the acceleration programme a reality.

Sebastian Mansow-Model, one of the founders of Motognosis opened the second round of pitches. Established in 2014 as a Charité spin-off for applied research in motor diagnostics, the startup wants to bring clinical-grade analysis of motor symptoms to neurologic disease patients’ homes, initially based on the Kinect V2 sensor.

Next, Alessandro Faragli charmed the audience with his personal and enthusiastic presentation of BOCA-HealthThe startup offers a portable device (connected to an app) that measures (and keeps track) of the hydration status of chronic heart failure and kidney disease patients that suffers from body water imbalances.

Then, Dr. Jörn Klinger went on to present Biotx.ai  which provides highly sophisticated machine learning used for biomedical drug development by identifying significant patterns in biomedical datasets.

Still going strong 

Half-way through the second round of the pitches, Fabian Oertel, founder of Jommi, took his place on stage. The startup is currently creating an interactive lifestyle intervention platform geared towards diabetes, which aims to connect patients with their caregivers for faster and better treatments results.

Then, Larisa Kryuchkova entrance song choice ‘could you be loved‘ by Bob Marley lifted the mood as she went on to introduce UVisio. The startup has come up with a clip-on device (and app) that detects the level of UV radiation, analyses individual skin for sun sensitivity and assesses optimal healthy and safe sun exposure time.

Last, but not least, it was time for Juan González to impress the audience. A digital platform for healthcare professionals to engage with one another, share and discuss clinical cases, InsightMedi has a strong social component and has been build with compliance, security and patient’s privacy in mind.

It’s a wrap
After 11 memorable performances, Lars Buch took the opportunity to share what is in store for the accelerator programme next year. He then 
summoned the mentors, partners, his team and the Cohort 2017 for the wrap-up on the stage. 

Before the startups left for the after-party at Catwalk Lounge & Bar, we caught up with some of the entrepreneurs, who were truly in high spirits.

 “It was so amazing to be a part of such a great show. There were so many interesting people here today and they’re able to push us in the right direction. We loved it” – Peter Lucas from Hedia.
“40 years after David Bowie recorded “Heroes” at Hansa Studios (at this very same building), I am about to sing ​’we could steal time, just for one day..‘! We had a blast and don’t want the event to end” – Oskar Kiwic from CardioCube.
“The best part of Demo Day2017 was to witness how much all the startups have improved during these 3 months. Throughout everyone’s pitch, I could really see the passion and that has impacted on the crowd. It was a perfect celebration of the last 3 months of hard-work” – Olga Grudniak from Biolumo.

“For us, Demo Day was an astonishing end to 3 intense months of growth, personally and professionally. Though ‘end’ does not really fit the occasion, it is more like a step onto the next level. I’m sure our team is not the only one with an ‘execution mode’ kicking in, making good use of all the groundwork that was laid during the programme” – Sebastian Mansow-Model from Motognosis.

“Demo Day must have been a huge success ’cause I have been getting swarmed by all the right people today” – Dr. Jörn Klinger from Biotx.ai.
“The most important aspect of an accelerator is execution speed, being able to experiment fast and often. It requires connections and support. Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin provides all that and much more. Literally, hundreds of business connections were made in 16 weeks and many of those are continuing discussions, which will lead to corporate partnerships and future funding. We absolutely loved it” – Rory Wilding from Torafugu Tech
“Being at Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin was like being part of a family, getting inspiration and knowledge every day. I totally recommend the programme. Demo Day was the best event to celebrate the hard work and achievements of the past 3 months ” – Alessandro Faragli from BOCA-Health.
“What an amazing celebration. I am very feeling joyful. But, at the same time, I’m also a bit sad that these awesome 3 months with Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin are over” – Larisa Kryuchkova from Uvisio