It’s the final countdown to Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin’s Demo Day 2017

It’s the final countdown to Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin’s Demo Day 2017

27-Nov-2017 by Val De Oliveira

On November 30, startups from across Europe will hit the stage of the historic concert hall Meistersaal, in Berlin, to pitch their digital health solutions to 300 investors, mentors, journalists and tech enthusiasts.

Over the past 3 months, these startups have been undergoing intense preparation at Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin’s accelerator program and are all set to graduate this Thursday.

After months of mentorship, leadership coaching from industry experts, practical workshops, product building/enhancement and customer validation, it’s showtime for the entrepreneurs.

Besides showcasing their products on AI, Big-data, diagnostic devices (among others), they’ll share their stories of acceleration, their ups and downs and how they’are planning to take the health-tech scene by storm.

Meet our 2017 Cohort

Aisens: Offering smart sensors (combined with machine learning) that allow physical telerehabilitation (anywhere and anytime), the Polish startup’s goal is to make virtual Physiotherapist a reality.

Biolumo: Originally from Poland, the startup offers fast point-of-care diagnostic machine for general practitioners (GPs) to help them select proper antibiotics. Germany’s provides highly sophisticated machine learning used for biomedical drug development by identifying significant patterns in biomedical datasets.

BOCA-Health: Offers a portable device (connected with an app) that measures (and keeps track) of the hydration status of chronic heart failure and kidney disease patients that suffers from body water imbalances.

CardioCube: Polish-based, it focuses on comprehensive heart patient monitoring, integrating EHRs with home medical data via Amazon’s Alexa, and cloud-based deep-learning/artificial intelligence algorithms.

Hedia: Based on data collection from external sources, big-data modeling, and AI, the intuitive Danish diabetes app recommends personalised insulin intake, allowing Type 1 diabetics to better manage their disease.

InsightMedi: A digital platform for healthcare professionals to engage with one another, share and discuss clinical cases, the solution has been designed with compliance, security and patient’s privacy in mind.

Jommi: The German startup is currently creating an interactive lifestyle intervention platform geared towards diabetes, which aims to connect patients with their caregivers for faster and better treatments results.

Motognosis: Aiming to bring clinical-grade analysis of motor symptoms to neurologic disease patients’ homes, it offers an easy-to-use system for tracking motor symptoms at home, initially based on the Kinect V2 sensor.

Torafugu Tech: The British startup has built a personalised life insurance product to help individuals with pre-existing health conditions reduce premiums by managing their disease.

Uvisio: The Dutch startup has come up with a clip-on device (and app) that detects the level of UV radiation, analyses individual skin for sun sensitivity and assesses optimal healthy and safe sun exposure time.


With the support of our heavyweight partners Berlin Institute of Health, DentonsapoBank, Munich REPhilips, Arvato CRM Solutions and Sanofi in Germany, this program creates a vital and organic ecosystem to enhance the economic growth of these businesses.

“These startups were chosen among several hundred applications, from dozen countries, and brought to Berlin to be accelerated by our extensive network of mentors, leading corporations and investors. We’re super proud to work with startups that are changing the face of healthcare and can’t wait to see them shine on stage on Thursday” – Lars Buch, Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin’s Managing Director.