Startupbootcamp Smart Energy Mentor Spotlight- Paul Breen

Startupbootcamp Smart Energy Mentor Spotlight- Paul Breen

10-Nov-2017 by SBC

“Think Differently. Work Smarter. Achieve More”

  • Paul Breen


Startupbootcamp Energy Australia are proud to announce Paul Breen as a mentor to our accelerator program. Paul Breen’s many titles include; Entrepreneur, CEO, Chairman, Innovator, Disruptor, to name a few.

Paul is a fantastic addition to the team – his experience is invaluable to startups finding their way and delivering success. Founding a number of companies and seeing first-hand the difficulties that startups are faced with, Paul has the experience and expertise to guide startups through complex situations and strive for growth in challenging market conditions. His experience in the challenging and rapidly innovating energy marketplace is invaluable to Startupbootcamp Energy Australia.


“ The ability to think creatively and apply an entrepreneurial mindset to any problem or opportunity is the key to your future success.”

  • Paul Breen


Paul authored a bestseller ‘The Entrepreneurial Way: 92 Success Secrets and Shortcuts To Unleash The Entrepreneur In You. Drawing on his own experiences, he explains how entrepreneurs think and act differently and identifies how your startup can manifest opportunities, manage risks and manage teams, turning your idea into a market-leading business.

  • Paul pioneered the ‘pop-up’ retailing space in Australia & New Zealand with the 150 store Calendar Club chain  
  • Launched  Powershop in the Australian market, as CEO of this electricity industry maverick.
  • Co-founded Learning Unlocked and become Australia’s fastest growing and most disruptive training and education companies providing practical, inspiring and life-changing knowledge to companies.


Startupbootcamp Energy Australia is the leading global accelerator guiding 10 startups solving problems in energy efficiency, energy independence, digitisation, and analytics towards longevity and success.

During our intense 3-month accelerator program, selected smart energy startups receive hands-on mentorship from over 100 industry experts, free office space, seed funding, and access to a global network of investors with the ultimate goal of scaling your businesses and becoming industry-leading companies.

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