The Final Countdown: It’s the Penultimate Week for our Cape Town Startups

The Final Countdown: It’s the Penultimate Week for our Cape Town Startups

20-Nov-2017 by Mika Stanvliet

There are only 10 days to go until Demo Day and the startups are starting to feel the pressure. The Cape Town Accelerator is drawing to a close and the startups are getting ready to put their best foot forward.

There are only 10 days to go until Demo Day and for the final week of learning the startups are focusing on Consolidation. With the culmination of the programme imminent, it’s important for the startups to practice their pitches, get as much traction as possible and discover how best to position their product to gain investment, interest and forge meaningful partnerships in order to scale their businesses.

Here are the 10 startups that will be showcased on 30 November:

  1. Brownie Points

Brownie Points is a platform that connects non-profit organizations with do-gooders and companies to achieve more impact. They aim to mobilize one of the biggest online communities of changemakers to shift the needle of philanthropy and social development.

Brownie Points simplifies volunteering and donations and reward good deeds with “brownie points”, a social currency that accumulates over a lifetime of giving. These points can be redeemed for over 60 lifestyle and retail vouchers.

  1. Brave

Brave provides employers with the ability to better manage key health risks that may affect their employees’ productivity, absenteeism and morale.

Furthermore, they enable businesses to access the best of on-demand private healthcare at a very low cost whilst rewarding healthy employees with free airtime, data and electricity.

  1. DusuPay

DusuPay is a simple yet secure in-store, in-app and an online payment solution which enables businesses in Africa to accept payments from other African countries and the rest of the world, and allows global businesses to accept payments from Africa.

DusuPay powers how global businesses accept and make payments to and from Africa, by aggregating multiple payment options through one portal.

  1. Fo-Sho

Fo-Sho is a digital peer-to-peer insurer enabling users to congregate into groups to reduce their short-term insurance premiums. Fo-Sho has developed a frictionless insurance experience allowing individuals to congregate, share-risk and manage their insurance needs.

They are changing the way individuals and communities buy insurance to manage the risk associated with their assets.

  1. GotBot

GotBot is machine learning platform that automates conversations between brands and their customers. Created out of a need to build innovative, adaptable and solutions-driven automation for the retail and communications sector, they are a convenient social commerce and customer experience solution whereby customers can get information and services through social chat conversations.

  1. JustNow

JustNow is a powerful sales and marketing tool for food retailers which drives traffic to their stores, increases the average customer basket size and reduces food waste for retailers.

In addition, it builds customer loyalty with great deals and personalized notifications. JustNow’s solution enables new sales and marketing channels for retailers by helping consumers get the best offers for fresh food.

  1. Khoyn

Khoyn allows businesses to create and deploy their own chatbots on Facebook Messenger which allows them to engage with customers. No flowcharts, no coding, no headaches. Khoyn has built a chat commerce platform that allows anyone to sell goods and services via a chatbot.

Merchants use Khoyn to enable a bot that has been optimized for their type of business (vertical, products and services offered, etc). Once the bot is created, it is linked to the business page within FB Messenger giving businesses everything they need to enable e-commerce.

  1. MOBicure

MOBicure provides mobile technology solutions to solve some of the most pressing healthcare issues plaguing Nigeria and other developing nations, especially with regards to maternal and child health.

Their flagship product “OMOMI” is a mobile platform for pregnant women and mothers that enables them to monitor their children’s health, provides access to specific life-saving maternal and child health information, as well as medical expertise at the touch of a button.

  1. Spoon Money

Spoon Money addresses the need for intelligently priced credit for stokvels so they can grow their balances and improve the lives of their members. Often access to credit is constrained by information asymmetry between lenders and borrowers, especially on their credit worthiness. Using financial data (which is invisible to the formal financial sector) captured through a stokvel management tool, they credit rate and offer loans to stokvel groups.

  1. Virtual Drive

Virtual Drive provides a revolutionary digital platform that allows vehicle buyers and sellers to connect safely and enjoy the benefits of dealership support within a private sale environment.

It is a platform for assisted, informed and supported private sale of vehicles through independent professional evaluators that are not incentivized by price, but rather product knowledge and customer service. Virtual Drive also provides an end-to-end solution for insurance companies to retain and acquire customers through the vehicle buying and selling process.

The 10 startups are all getting their ducks in a row for the upcoming Demo Day. Entrance is free so get your tickets here and join us on the 30th of November as we showcase the top 10 startups who are changing and shaping the future.

Demo Day information:


Date: 30th November

Time: 14:00-17:00

Venue: Ratanga Junction, Century Boulevard