Startupbootcamp FoodTech Mentor Spotlight: Nadav Berger

Startupbootcamp FoodTech Mentor Spotlight: Nadav Berger

19-Oct-2017 by Martina Monaco

The Startupbootcamp Mentor Spotlight is a series of interviews profiling inspiring stories from our extended network of mentors at Startupbootcamp FoodTech Rome. Today, the spotlight is focused on our mentor Nadav Berger, from Israel.

Nadav grew up within the food industry. Prior to co-founding Foodlab Capital, Nadav has established Vita chef and FoodLog and co-founded Foodlab, a company focused on developing new products both in Israel, Europe, and the U.S.

M: “So, Nadav, what brings you to Startupbootcamp FoodTech? Why did you choose to join Startupbootcamp FoodTech as a mentor?”

First and foremost I must admit that I was “captured” by Peter Kruger’s (Startupbootcamp FoodTech MD) enthusiasm and energy. I thought to myself “if the initiator and GM is so committed and with such an energy, something right is going on there”. Also, as we, Erich Sieber and I, are about to run the EIT food funds it is important that we’ll be involved with the European FoodTech echo-system and especially with a prestigious one like the Startupbootcamp FoodTech.

M: “What do you look for in an early-stage foodtech startup and what is the most critical aspect to get an investment?”

Early stage startup is all about the team. It’s tricky, you want leaders/entrepreneurs with a spark in the eyes like in their first time of doing something. The energy of someone who truly believes that He/ She will change the world and on the other hand you’d look for experience and wisdom which normally come with age. How can you be at the same time so optimistic and realistic? Maybe the answer would be in keeping the spark with a truly 100% committed entrepreneur who will surround himself/herself with experienced team/board/advisory board.

As an expert in the food technology, how do you see the future of food tech?

Well, need an hour to answer this one, however, I believe that for 50 years the food industry was all about yield and productivity. I believe that foodtech is all about bringing new technologies which will allow CPG’s to maintain great flavor for their mass-produced products but with healthier ingredients and less ” Bad food-print” to our bodies.

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