Startupbootcamp Digital Health China met with 800 attendees in first China Demo Tour

Startupbootcamp Digital Health China met with 800 attendees in first China Demo Tour

10-Oct-2017 by Feng Jinyue

Startups celebrate their graduation with successful roadshow in Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai, Foshan and Shenzhen

From September 13th to 21st, Startupbootcamp China Digital Health 2017 cohort visited Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai, Foshan and Shenzhen for the first ever China Demo Tour (click the link to watch the highlights video ). The 13 digital health startups met and networked with 800 attendees, including well-known enterprises and investment institutions such as PwC China, Sanofi China, GE China, Changhong, Shanghai Big Data Alliance, Shanghai Xuhui District Central Hospital, Fosun Pharma investment, IDG Capital, Shanghai Health Development Fund, Green Pine Capital, Zelian Capital, Thinkzone Fund and Aplus Fund.

Starting from Chengdu, the Demo Tour enabled the cohort to visit the other China mega cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. As they are China’s main economic and political centers, it provides more opportunities for startups to meet with large corporations, investors and government officials who have strong interest in innovation and startups with cutting-edge products.



Sanofi is one of the partner for the Demo Tour in Shanghai. Pierre Faury, the Commercial Excellence Director of Sanofi, commented: “Openness and innovation are the most important elements for future development. I’m glad to see that Startupbootcamp China’s first cohort startups could come to Sanofi and I expect that their innovative ideas and technologies to bring more opportunities for the future development of Sanofi. “


Today, in China, the cooperation between large enterprises and accelerators has become an inevitable trend. Mark Gibraith, PwC China and Hong Kong Healthcare Partner, points out: “the transformation and upgrading of big companies is not easy, but the cooperation with Startupbootcamp China could help us in doing so, we hope to provide more products and services that are in line with customers’ demands, promote our continuous development and find new opportunities for this industry through this cooperation.”


Startupbootcamp China Digital Health is also pleased to announce its inaugural 2017 cohort of startups have secured more than 28 partnerships and achievements, with a lot more in the pipeline.


Key partnerships and notable achievements:

  • Drop, an AI-powered personalized skin care device, has closed partners with Bayer China and Aplus labs in hardware, design and manufacturing.


  • Bettersense after coming to the program with solid concept, will cooperate with Changhong, one of the largest electric appliance manufacturer in China, in making and testing prototype and getting certification.


  • Aptacam has reached investment intention with a famous investment fund in Silicon Valley (235,000 USD).


  • Biosensorix provides diagnostic tools for doctors from rural areas to high-end hospitals so they can make rapid decisions on the spot. Their cooperation with Sichuan Makerbio is in negotiation. They has won 4 international awards and signed 2 MOUs.


  • Brainco won “Most Innovative Award” at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE ) startup pitch competition, got 4 million USD order for 20,000 units and 2 million USD order for 10,000 units is in negotiation.


  • Littleone received Korean government fund USD 120,000 and started negotiations on offline sales in Korea.


All these successes are based on the 13 Digital Health startups who are selected out of more than 400 applications across the world earlier this year. The startups went through an intense 3-month accelerator program with access to extensive mentorship from 200+ entrepreneurs, investors and corporate partners, who helped guide them through distinct ‘Shape’, ‘Build’ and ‘Sell’ stages of their startups’ development.


Andy Shannon, Global CEO of Startupbootcamp, attended the Demo Tour in Chengdu and concluded: “Startupbootcamp is engaged in startup investment and the better development of global startups. At present, Startupbootcamp has carried out 21 acceleration projects in 16 countries on five continents to help entrepreneurs better contact with the global network and resources. On behalf of Startupbootcamp, I’d like to extend my congratulations to 13 alumni. At the same time, we hope to attract more innovative talents and superior projects to China to achieve a win-win result.”


Below are the 13 teams that showcased throughout the Demo Tour:


Portable devices for cardiovascular disease.

  • BetterSense (Netherland):

          Uncover the hidden killer, Acute Kidney Injury (AKI), with a smart healthcare solution.

          The most comprehensive AI solution to operationalize medication intelligence.

          Providing affordable and accessible diagnostics to help doctors make rapid decisions.

  • Blackcedar (China):

          Clinical service of digitally medical care and scientific and technological R&D.

          The world’s leading BMI (Brain Machine Interface) devices to optimize human’s overall quality  of life.

          Your AI-powered personalized skin care device

           LITTLEONE is a one-stop parenting source.

Early warning tool for problematic wounds to prevent amputations

  • RainBran (China):

          Low protein Food for special medical purpose(FSMP)

  • SysOn (Taiwan):

          Offer convenient detection methods to children

          Helping toilets become smart-devices for monitoring health conditions

          Solves quantization problem of pulse diagnosis in Chinese medicine via AI


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