SBC China Digital Health Startups Learn From Sichuan Manufacturer “CHANGHONG“

SBC China Digital Health Startups Learn From Sichuan Manufacturer “CHANGHONG“

10-Oct-2017 by Feng Jinyue

As the famous novel “Journey to the West” describes how the priest Tang and his three disciples went to India for Buddhist scriptures, also today we can see a large number of overseas entrepreneurs coming to Chengdu to seek project incubation and acceleration. But how does this happen?


It is June 19, in total 13 digital health startups from 9 countries and regions around the world gathered in Chengdu, participating in SBC China’s 3-month accelerator program. In order to thrive and succeed in their industries, it is crucial for startups to get the chance of exposure and exchange with large enterprises; this opportunity is part of the acceleration program and aims to foster cooperation between both industry participants.


On July 6, SBC invited its startups from the digital health cohort to visit the global manufacturer CHANGHONG at its headquarter in Mianyang, a city two hours aways from Chengdu. CHANGHONG is one of the leading manufacturing companies in China and is selling its consumer electronics such as TV sets all over the world. Lately the large enterprise is aiming to innovate and move also into new industries such as healthcare and smart home. Five teams from China, Netherland, Canada and Peru respectively visited CHANGHONG and were eager to get CHANGHONG’s help in product design, small batch production and sales.


Visiting a manufacturing giant in China


It was the morning of July 6th, the five startups arrived at the CHANGHONG headquarter and were eager to take a look into the facilities of the large Chinese manufacturer. In order to understand the overall development and layout of CHANGHONG, the first stop of this trip was the company’s exhibition hall; then the grop proceeded to the Precision Electronics Center and the Testing Center; highly modern technology in the middle of a 3rd-tier city in the west of China!

How to combine smart products with customizated services


Ken is an intelligent hardware engineer of a Canadian startup called Oxilight, . Oxilight itself is a medical device company, which aims to make diabetic foot ulcer diagnosis affordable to frontline healthcare professionals and patients, leading to earlier intervention, reducing healthcare costs and saving limbs and lives. With his background, Kenwas inspecting very closely CHANGHONG’s intelligent hardware design and manufacturing details throughout this visit to learn and evaluate a possible future cooperation.

In the customized experience area for individuals, It took only a few minutes for Ken to order a tailor-made smart TV. After paying by Alipay or WeChat, the factory would automatically produce this tailored TV and deliver it to his home.


How to implement new products into ever smarter environments


CHANGHONG is not only exploring intelligent consumer electronics, but also actively uses AI, IoT, big data and other new technologies to build forward-looking concepts in the car network, smart home, smart community, smart medicine and so on.


SysOn Tech’s smart patch monitoring device can detect gastrointestinal conditions of children. The two founders of SysOn who joined the visit said that there are not many chances for them to see such a large-scale smart industry in Taiwan, and are hoping to use CHANGHONG’s experience in IoT and AI to help them improve their product.


Ziibot is committed to promote the concept of a “family doctor”, one of the founders of Ziibot said that if the product of Ziibot can be combined with CHANGHONG’s digital health program, it would largely promote the development of this concept.


How to set hardware product testing standards in China


In CHANGHONG’s Precision Electronics Center, the startups have seen ODM R&D and OEM foundry service production lines. According to the responsible person in there, the product through rate of the entire production line has reached an impressive 99.7%.


BetterSense, a startup from Netherland, offers a smart healthcare solution to monitor AKI (Acute Kidney Injury), including urine flow monitoring and an early warning system based on IoT and AI technologies. Shanglin Yang, the CEO of BetterSense, focused on how CHANGHONG opens up its manufacturing capacity to help the startups to solve the problem of small batch production.


Cooperation: How Changhong empowers startups


After the visit, SBC China’s COO Cindy Feng said that there is no doubt that CHANGHONG is a strong player in intelligent manufacturing, having produced already impressive IoT and smart industry achievements In future SBC China will introduce more new technologies of our startups to the big enterprises like CHANGHONG in China to meet the innovation needs of these enterprises, build the ecological industry chain and help startups to accelerate.

Having a better understanding of CHANGHONG this time, the 5 startups are eager to get more support in product design, small batch production, marketing and others. CHANGHONG values SBC’s ability to gather international innovation and resources.


At present, there are 3 ways of possible cooperation: first, building on CHANGHONG’s platform, SBC CHANGHONG could help to introduce new technologies; second, the two parties could cooperate in small batch production, manufacturing and marketing channels; third, CHANGHONG has established three funds, SBC can enable them to build early connections with startups to make good use of these funds.