Let’s get serious about Digital Health!

Let’s get serious about Digital Health!

20-Sep-2017 by Lars Buch

We are on a mission here, “to make the world a better place”.

What a cliche’! We hear it innumerable times on a pitch stage, but in Startupbootcamp and our Digital Health vertical, we endeavour to live these words. Our partnership with Berlin Institute of Health, and through that, Charité hospital and Max Delbrück Center, is yet another step in fulfilling that mission.

This journey started even before Startupbootcamp established the Digital Health Vertical back in 2015, noticing that most startups active in this domain were mostly a “me too” product focusing on wellbeing, without any real chance of capturing a market, and fewer cases of more serious, scientific solutions, that would take much longer time and burn more cash to reach the market. Research2guidance describes well in their report that less than half of the solutions coming to the market have any traction at all. Majority of those semi-successful solutions were launched by established companies, already with a great market reach and resources to both develop, validate and grow.

The logical challenge for us was to try to merge the more innovative ideas from young startups with the easier market access and funding opportunity by the corporates. In 2016, we took the first step and launched the first health-focused program with an engaged and dedicated group of corporate partners “replicating the Healthcare system”, effectively avoiding any competition within the group, promoting even collaboration between the partners. The group consisted of “The Pharmaceutical” Sanofi in Germany, “The Insurance company” Munich RE, “The Doctors/Dentists/pharmacies” through apoBank (deutsche apotheker und ärztebank), “The Consumer Health” Philips, “The Media/IT” Vilua (formerly Arvato CRM Healthcare), and “The Lawyers”, Dentons, with vast venture and compliance experience.

And now, we have accomplished the second step, finding the missing piece in the ecosystem of partners. The partnership with Berlin Institute of Health gives us the access and endorsement of “The Hospitals”. That, in turn, allows us to zoom in on the more serious startups within Digital Health and evolve way beyond the usual Accelerator focus of coaching and funding towards solving compliance- and certification challenges, ultimately backed by clinical trials, boosting more scientific and implementable solutions to the heart of the healthcare systems.

The increased focus on healthcare and elderly care is not going away just because some digital health startups have had a bumpy start. People are hungry for smarter ways to improve their health. We need more serious startups, with a solid anchor in the science- and clinical world to go Digital and continue building next generation healthcare. Startupbootcamp Digital Health has a strong presence now in Berlin, Miami and Chengdu China with more programs on the way, aiming to be the strongest “co-founder” the participating startups could possible imagine.

Three weeks back, we opened the doors for this year’s program and welcome exactly some of those serious solutions. I have personally never worked before in the same room with this many certified doctors, but even more important is what they are creating. All delivering enabling technologies to disrupt and personalise modern healthcare.

To name a few:

Hedia, The Type-1 Diabetics intelligent companion in your pocket, with the state-of-the-art regulation algorithm and a seamless user experience.

FACT: Well regulated Type-1 Diabetics live +5 years longer. Hedia aim to provide all users that advantage.

Cardio Cube, placing a virtual Cardiac “nurse” in the home of every cardiac patient. Voice-only interface, deep medical know-how, cross-reference to patient history, direct access to the doctor.

FACT: 30% of all heart patients leaving the hospital are quickly re-admitted. CardioCube aim to slash that number with 75%.

BioLumo, A small analytics device with their own “Bio-cartridge” solution and proprietary imaging technology allow doctors to choose the exact right antibiotics for each patient rather than prescribing the broad-spectrum solution, at 25% of the time- and a fraction of the cost of current solutions.

FACT: The world is facing a major crisis with antibiotic resistant bacterias. BioLumo aim to personalise antibiotics and help fix that crisis.

Biotx.AI, develop superior algorithms that bring Machine Learning and Data Science to the drug development process. They are already selling the first improved diagnostics solution aimed at Alzheimer’s Disease and hold patents of a novel treatment discovered by their AI.

FACT: +90% of drug development projects fail after consuming billions of EUROs. Biotx.AI can remedy this by ensuring the selection of the right participants in clinical trials and make sure that the drug target that is addressed is central to the disease mechanism.

Stay tuned for more life-changers on the way.

Meet the startups at our 2017 Demo Day, November 30th in Berlin. Register here or at our side-event to Websummit in Lisbon, November 7th. It’s an invite-only event, so please email us for an invite.


Managing Director, Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin