FoodTech Mentor Spotlight: Luca La Mesa

FoodTech Mentor Spotlight: Luca La Mesa

07-Sep-2017 by Martina Monaco

Today our spotlight is pointed on Luca La Mesa.

Luca has a strong passion for marketing and innovation. After working in Marketing for Unilever and Procter&Gamble he specialized in advanced strategies for social media marketing and technical innovation.

In recent years, he has achieved important results with clients such as Superbike World ChampionshipPirelliAS Roma, the Italian Volleyball FederationInternazionali BNL ItalyConiCornetto AlgidaDoveWinner TacoMediasetLa7, Digital Committee for Matteo Renzi and many others.

M: “So, Luca, what brings you to Startupbootcamp FoodTech? Why did you choose to join Startupbootcamp FoodTech as a mentor?”

Over the past few years, I have looked into how technology can positively affect our society. When I was selected for the Singularity University Executive Program at the NASA’s Ames Research Center (Silicon Valley), I had the opportunity to study feasible solutions to the problems of world hunger, thirst, waste of energy, public health, security and many others.

Back in Italy, I wanted to share what I had learned during my time in the Silicon Valley with as many people as possible.

Thanks to my commitment, the Singularity University nominated me Chapter Ambassador in Rome, with the goal of establishing and managing the SingularityURome.

I joined Startupbootcamp FoodTech as a mentor because it’s the perfect environment to meet young entrepreneurs and share with them the importance of technology in the agriculture and food industries.

M: “The Selection Days are coming up, how could you be value-added for selected teams?”

As a mentor, I will support the startups providing suggestions based on my background. In the last 7 years, I have handled social media for important companies and global events (Superbike World Championship, AS Roma, Pirelli, FENDI, Matteo Renzi’s 2012 primary elections, Internazionali BNL d’Italia and Italian National Olympic Committee on the occasion of the Rio Olympics) and I helped many startups to reach their goals through the use of social tools.

I have good experience with startups both as a mentor and as an investor.
For two consecutive years, was lucky enough to win the “Wind Startup Award” and be in close contact with tens of startups incubated by LUISS Enlabs of which I am an advisor.

My aim is to assist the recently graduated alumni in broadening their customers’ network as I recently did for a startup that deals with the reduction of food waste, now in contact with big players from the retail industry.
Since January, I am the President of Procter & Gamble Alumni Italy; filling this position enables me to discuss with ex-alumni about the implementation of new technologies that can have a positive social impact in the long term.

M: “How do you see the future of food tech?”

I believe disruptive innovations in food industry are possible and could really affect society.

With the world population rapidly increasing , the current food production trend is not sustainable; brilliant foodtech innovations are needed and that is why it could be easily implemented.

During the last Singularity University summit in Amsterdam, I was greatly struck when meeting with a team of scientists that created a burger made from a single strand of meat grown from a cow’s muscle cells. According to a survey I conducted among my contacts, vegans too would be in favor of consuming new foods of this kind.

To conclude, I see a prosper future for those who will provide avant-garde and scalable solutions.


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