Here The Startups Invited At Startupbootcamp FoodTech Selection Days

Here The Startups Invited At Startupbootcamp FoodTech Selection Days

13-Sep-2017 by Martina Monaco

Here come the startups invited to participate to the final stage of selection to our foodtech program.

Who will win? Stay tuned for the announcement we will be making on Saturday September 16 at 7 p.m. CEST, live on our Facebook page. Get a reminder to view the live streaming of the announcement.

During the Selection Days, all teams will meet in Rome on September 14-16 to experience an intense 3-days event engaging 80+ highly-qualified mentors, investors and corporate partners. On Saturday, Startupbootcamp FoodTech will announce the 10 teams which will be admitted to the acceleration program starting on October 16.

The event will showcase startups operating in 11 distinct food industries, from precision agriculture to food discovery,  from waste management to restech. A total of 10 countries will be represented, from Vietnam to Netherlands, from United States to France. All the selected startups have one unique goal: to become the next global foodtech startup to watch!

Here the full list:


Location: Ufa, Russia
Description: BioPix is a real time low cost microbial analyzer for food production. It is essential instrument for food safety risk management. In only 30 minutes you can estimate pathogen contamination level of meat, fish and seafood. Low price of BioPix expands market of microbial food testing equipment for restaurants, farmers etc.

Botanic Springs

  Location: Irvine, United States
Description: The Essential Oil Still by Botanic Springs is a revolutionary new counter-top device that allows you to make your own Essential Oils AND Hydrosols, at home, in less than 10 minutes.

Cricket One

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Description: CricketOne produces the most sustainable and affordable protein from crickets by developing technology and process to rear crickets intensively on agricultural by-products.

Green Banana

Location: The Hague, Netherlands
Description: Green Banana innovates new, delicious ways of making your favorite pasta-based meals even healthier, more nutritious, gluten free using green bananas, a fusion of other pulses, legumes, and vegetables, all while positively impacting small-scale farmers in Uganda.


Location: Rome, Italy
Description:  LACTOSOLUTION is a 15,000 FCC lactase enzyme supplement that allows lactose intolerants eating whatever food with no restrinctions!


Location: Roma, Italy
Description: MirNat is involved in the development and production of high-quality nutraceutical products containing microRNAs from plant stem cells (isolated from Moringa oleifera, Olea europaea and other Mediterranean medicinal plants) for treating human disorders and fit for use in large varieties of nutritional medicinal purposes.

My Foody

Location: Milan, Italy
Description: MyFoody is the solution that disrupts the relationship between consumers and both food retailers and producers, turning waste into value. Finally, supermarkets will innovate their relationship with the consumers and make their brands stand out and more sustainable.


Location: Modiin, Israel
Description: You can eliminate those stacks of cookbooks and recipe organizers from your kitchen when you store your favorite recipes in the OrganizEat recipe organizer app.


  Location: Bologna, Italy
Description: Orthoponics offers sustainable and smart urban farming solutions to easily grow food at home. Their first product is Ortho, an automated aquaponic system that exploits automation and modularity to bring fresh, healthy and organic food to every home.

Sense Grass

Location: New Dehli, India
Description: Drones, nanosatellite images, and hyperspectral sensors are the tools Sense Grass’s software uses to analyze sensor data and image data to give reports and recommendations to farmers (for pesticide usage, moisture and temperature).


Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Description: Serket is a software company. Its recognition software helps farmers to monitor and trace their pigs individually and automatically with any cameras.

Solar Vibes

  Location: Berlin, Germany
Description: Solavibes developed the Agrimodule that with an integrated Artificial Intelligence assists farmers to plan the timing of plantation in order to make precise calculations on when to plant, apply fertilizers, harvest and bale.


  Location: Brooklyn, United States
Description: TrySome is an innovative online marketplace for health-conscious consumers to discover products that are good for people and better for the planet.

UNA Smart

  Location: Rochester, United States
Description: UNA is the most intelligent way to brew coffee and tea anywhere and anytime. It is a combination of a smart and portable coffee brewer with high quality and eco-friendly coffee pods.


Location: Paris, France
Description: Utrendz created “Foodz” a geolocated application that allows users to find a restaurant based on recommendations between friends and a trend ratio coming from the community.


  Location: Milan, Italy
Description: Viveat Smart makes easy to turn products into an owned media channel to provide both production details and marketing services straight to any mobile phone.


Location: Berlin, Germany
Description: Dedicated to affordable water treatment supply in low-income off-grid communities of Africa and South America, Winture delivers both hardware to desalinate raw polluted water and to ensure low-cost hygiene drinking and irrigation water for those who need that the most.


Location: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Description: Zoblak provides an affordable remote farm and greenhouse management platform. By maximizing water and labor time efficiency on less accessible and remote areas it makes unprofitable land resources exploitable.


We are bringing you the most important hands-on foodtech event in the world with over 80 mentors, partners and investors. An incredible explosion of business models, growth strategies and different technologies in one single event, one single place.

Are you curious to know how it will end?  Watch the #sbcSelectionDays announcement here:

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