Startupbootcamp Commerce 2018 FastTrack Tour: Meet Us In Your City!

Startupbootcamp Commerce 2018 FastTrack Tour: Meet Us In Your City!

29-Aug-2017 by Natalia Sakmarova

With its 21 industry-focused programs in 16 strategically chosen cities across the globe, the family of Startupbootcamp programs aims to support innovative founders in their mission to build sustainable businesses. 5 years ago, we have launched our first program in one of the best cities for startups – Amsterdam. Since then, we have run 11 vertical and horizontal programs 3 of which were focused on the Commerce industry.

Now, we are gearing up for the fourth round! Applications for the Startupbootcamp Commerce accelerator program that kicks off in February are now open. We are looking to accelerate early-stage startups that have a product and a client base, strong teams, and that are uniquely positioned to execute. We are specifically interested in these domains:

What value can the startups get from the 3-month program? Access to masterclasses, tailored mentorship, events, our big international network of corporate partners and investors, co-working space, €15K for expenses and more – for the full list of benefits check our accelerator page.

16 cities and 5 conferences

To meet founders of innovative startups in Commerce and Retail, we are traveling the world with our FastTrack and Office Hours events. We will also be attending some of the biggest tech conferences around the world. Meet us in your city – just click on the location to register:

Day Month City
6 September Cologne @Pirate Summit
8 September Berlin
13 September Rome
14 September Milan
19 September Paris @Retail Week
20 September Paris
25 September Amsterdam
27 September Kiev
3 October Barcelona
4 October Madrid @South Summit
5 October Madrid
9 October Copenhagen @Shoptalk Europe
10 October Copenhagen
17 October Ljubljana
19 October Warsaw
26 October London
2 November Hamburg
3 November Munich
7 November Lisbon @Web Summit
9 November Lisbon
14 November Amsterdam


If you are interested to know more about the program but can’t attend one of the events above, we are always happy to schedule a call with you. Book your 15 minutes for a meeting with our Lead Scout here.

Applications for the program close on the 27th of November. We hope to see your startup among the applications and have a chat with you soon!

Natalia Sakmarova

Natalia is the Marketing Lead for our accelerator programs in Amsterdam.