Accelerating Australia’s Energy Transformation

Accelerating Australia’s Energy Transformation

02-Aug-2017 by Andy Shannon

Over the past few years, we have seen a major focus in almost every industry to review how they deliver their products and services. Whether it’s driven by changing consumer expectations, change in the global economy or new market entrants, most industries have slowly embraced innovation.

And the energy sector is no different. The sector’s dominance in the global economy is no longer only threatened by the unpredictability of geopolitics and the financial markets, but also the emergence of disruptive energy technologies.

On the other hand, worldwide energy consumption will continue to increase; driven by economic growth and improved living standards.

However, as energy consumption increases across the globe so does the need to find sustainable, environmentally friendly, and cost effective solutions to meet this growing demand.

Indeed, with the advancement of technology enabling better ways to source, produce, consume and monitor energy globally, the smart energy market is projected to grow nearly by 15% by 2020 while its revenue is estimated to reach $136.9bn+ by 2024.

But how can the energy sector embrace technology in order to transform their industry? And how can startups contribute towards this transformation?

The World’s Most Liveable City To Host Smart Energy Startups

Launched today, Startupbootcamp’s Energy Australia program aims to contribute towards the transformation of the energy industry and the role startups working on smart energy solutions have in the sector.

Crowned as the world’s most liveable city seven years in a row, the program will be based in Melbourne, where over the next three years we will support 30 startups working on smart energy solutions in areas including smart grids, smart buildings and homes, energy monitoring, big data and advanced analytics as well as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Backed by Energy/Australia  – one of the country’s largest energy providers; LaunchVic – a leading organization focused on developing the region’s startup ecosystem along with Spotless Group and others, the program will connect early-stage companies with industry leaders in order to evolve the country’s energy sector.

The program will be led by Trevor Townsend, as the Managing Director, who brings extensive experience as an early-stage investor and entrepreneur both in Australia and beyond. Trevor will be supported by Richard Celm as the Program Director, who has previously worked on our Barcelona IoT and Data program.

Open for applications today until 27th October 2017, the Startupbootcamp Energy Australia team will be traveling and hosting events in Australia, Asia, Europe, and the US in order to meet some of the world’s most ambitious global startups passionate about solving the world’s energy challenges.


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Andy Shannon

Andy is the Head of Startupbootcamp Global. His past includes multiple startup operating and investing roles, with plenty of failures along the way. Andy has his MBA from Imperial College London and BBA from the University of Wisconsin – Madison