Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin Announces the 2017 Startups Batch

Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin Announces the 2017 Startups Batch


Berlin, 20/07/2017 – Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin, the leading program supporting innovative companies combining medical knowledge with smart technologies, has announced the 10 digital health startups invited to join the 90-day long 2017 acceleration program in Berlin starting on September 4th.

These 10 startups from 6 countries are the result of a highly selective funnel which counts more than 3,000 companies scouted from all around the world, 500 direct invitations, 75 skype calls with the top ones and 20 chosen to join the Selection Days, a 3-day event which took place in Berlin on 18-20th of July.

During the event, the top 20 startups went through tens of deep feedback sessions with partners, mentors and industry influencers to advocate their ideas and business models and demonstrate their fit with the scoping areas of the accelerator such as “Awareness and Symptoms”, “Therapy Decision”, “Treatment, Follow Up and Secondary Prevention”, “ Behavior Change”.

Here the chosen ones:


  • Torafugu Tech

Company Location: United Kingdom


Founders: Savvas Neophytou, Constantinos Demetroullas

One liner: Torafugu tech is a health-tech business focusing on analytics for health and life insurers to increase product personalisation and improve the health and well-being of their members.


  • Hedia

Company Location: Denmark


Founders: Peter Lucas, Christina Kildentoft, Andreas Jespensgaard

One-Liner: Hedia is a personalized and intelligent diabetes app that helps people with diabetes to live a more normal life.


  • BreakBox Aurora

Company Location: Poland


Founders: Marcin Pitek, Olga Grudniak, Wojciech Gizowski, Jakub Wysocki,

One-Liner: Point-of-care diagnostic machine to select precise antibiotic.


  • Jommi

Company Location: Germany


Founders: Fabian Oertel, Paul Dziwoki

One-Liner: An interactive e-Health platform to guide and improve our patient’s level of care. We increase adherence through analyzing digital data points and showing patients the connections and impacts each lifestyle element (sports, nutrition, medication & well-being) has on their life.


  • InsightMedi

Company Location: Spain


Founders: Juan Gonzalez, Luis Rodrigues, Gonzalo Mora, Gabriel Piza

One-Liner: A global platform in which healthcare professionals interact around real clinical cases based on medical images and videos.


  • Beroceutica

Company Location: Germany


Founders: Jorn Klinger, Marco Schmidt

One-Liner: Clinical datasets are difficult to analyze by reported Machine Learning approaches due to their small samples and many features. Our approach is able to identify significant patterns, which can be used for novel diagnostics and therapies.



Company Location: Poland


Founders: Jaroslaw Goslinski, Piotr Owczarek, Adam Wozniak

One-Liner: Our smart sensors allow to rehabilitate safely and effectively anywhere.


  • Qolware

Company Location: Germany


Founders: Cristina Soaz, Therese Tönnies, Aleksandra Patz

One-Liner: Qolware is a smart healthcare & emergency response solution running on regular consumer smartwatches able to identify emergency situations through the detection of abnormal patterns in a person’s physiological signals such as movements or pulse.


  • Uvisio

Company Location: Netherlands


Founders: Larisa Kryuchkova, Vlad Hayrapetyan

One-Liner: Sun protection effective and personal. By utilizing technology and data analysis we give information on optimal sun exposure and personalized sun care and sun protection recommendations, specific to each user.


  • Cardio Cube

Company Location: Poland


Founders: Oskar Kiwic, Tom Jadczyk, Przemek Magaczewski

One-Liner: Medical sixth sense empowering hospitals and cardiovascular patients.


“I don’t think I have ever been in the same room at this many doctors at once.” said Lars Buch, Managing Director of Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin, “We are moving slightly away from direct B2C and moving down the path towards genuine digital disruption of the health system itself, engaging in all levels from patient-HCP interaction to payers. Amazing teams with life changing solutions this year, I can’t wait to see every single company from this batch materialize in the market.”

With the support of industry partners such as Arvato Bertelsmann, Deutsche Apotheker und Ärztebank, Munich RE, Philips, Sanofi in Germany, and Dentons, as legal partner, the accelerator will now help the 10 startups providing access to over 100 mentors, €15,000 cash, €450,000 value in partners deal, and 6 months of free office space in Berlin.



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