Cohort Testimonial: Keep Livin

Cohort Testimonial: Keep Livin

10-Jul-2017 by Chris Christmas

My name is Chris Christmas and I believe that health rights are a civil right. I found a great need to meet the needs of health disparities in our community and I celebrate that belief through my patient engagement platform.

As the Chief Vision Officer for Keep Livin, a digital health information technology company, we are dedicated to reducing costs and eradicating health disparities by utilizing community outreach and engagement to inspire behavioral change. We are directly meeting the needs of the patients where they are, where they have trusted advocates that can share, and discuss health information. We work to build that trust by reaching out through barbershops, salons, and faith based community centers, to name a few. There, we provide engagement services to support standard of care for the hardest to reach patients.

Our efforts are focused on the underserved multicultural community’s ability to access quality care. I was attracted to Startupbootcamp Miami because of the network of like minded souls who share this same purpose and belief. We are grateful for the members of the SBC community who understood our mission of helping others exercise their right to health and wellness, for themselves and their families. These mentors gave their key knowledge through countless one-on-one meetings and valuable industry access.

The experience has completely lived up to my expectations. The program certainly helped us move forward and facilitated our goal of increasing patient engagement. We left the program with a number of new clients, providers and payers, vast community connections and a new group of friends.

My advice to you as a startup Founder: Just come. Be prepared to learn about Miami and the South Florida residents. Most importantly, learn how the lifestyle works here.

And last of all, Keep Livin.