2017 SBC Digital Health Chengdu Cohort – Kick Off

2017 SBC Digital Health Chengdu Cohort – Kick Off

21-Jun-2017 by Cindy Feng

Today, we are delighted to announce the official start of the Startupbootcamp Digital Health Chengdu Program.

After 6 months reviewing hundreds of startup applications from all over the world, we selected 9 promising startups that will be joining the Startupbootcamp Digital Health Chengdu accelerator! Joining the 9 startups will be 4 scaleups who will be utilizing the Startupbootcamp China platform to assist their China market entry strategy.

The Chengdu Digital Health program is our first program in China that aims to help foreign companies enter this huge market and Chinese companies expand overseas. 3 of the teams are from Mainland China. The 10 other teams come from Asia (Hongkong, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore), Europe (Netherlands, Spain) and the Americas (Canada, United States, Peru). The diversity of the cohort will provide an opportunity for the entrepreneurs to learn from each other and “acclimatize” to the different culture around the world.

The cohort will go through a rigorous three-month program to challenge and shape their business with one-to-one guidance from corporates and mentors. Enterprises like PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and Changhong group will support startups with their China go-to-market strategy.

China is a vast market with huge diversity and differences across the different provinces. Staying in Chengdu alone is not enough. Startupbootcamp will be bringing the cohort to Shanghai and Shenzhen to meet partners and investors who are of relevance.

After the three-month accelerator, our demo day will be held in Chengdu to celebrate the end of the program and showcase their achievements in front of hundreds of guests. This will also kickoff the start of our Demo Tour to the eastern coastal cities of Foshan, Shanghai and Beijing.

We are excited about the next three months where the East will meet West (in both international and China terms) and proud to be a part of the exciting China startup ecosystem!


Introduction to our 13 teams

Ziibot Technology (China)

Intelligent diagnosis tool for Traditional Chinese Medicine


Jianrui Technology (China)

To limit the intake of protein in patients with nephropathy, children with phenylketonuria, and three-high patients by providing standard low-protein special medical products through the channel of mobile health to achieve remote follow-up

Heishan Technology (China)

Solution that improves clinical outcome of orthopaedic surgery

Jobs Tech (Taiwan)

Help users understand the personal state and abnormalities of intestinal health

Biosensorix (Singapore)

Affordable and accessible diagnostics to help doctors make rapid decisions

Littleone (Korea)

Building a fuss free, next level parenting solution

Brainco (USA)

We strive to develop the world’s leading BMI devices to optimize humans’ overall quality of life.

OxiLight (Canada)

Early screening of problematic wounds to prevent amputations.

S-there (Spain)

Helping toilets become smart-devices for monitoring health conditions.

Bioinformatix (USA)

The most comprehensive AI solution to operationalize medication intelligence across enterprises with continuous deep learning toward personalized medicine.

AptaCam (Hongkong )

Smart devices for diagnosis of diseases

BetterSense (Netherlands)

Uncover the hidden killer, Acute Kidney Injury (AKI), with a smart healthcare solution.

Drop (Peru)

The world’s first automated sweat reducing device.