48 Hours Coding Marathon in a Nutshell: The Story of Our Health Hackathon in Berlin

48 Hours Coding Marathon in a Nutshell: The Story of Our Health Hackathon in Berlin

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23-Jun-2017 by Gianmarco Fratangeli

With 10 days left until our applications for Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin closed, we decided to have a little fun. On the second weekend of June, we gathered Berlin’s best tech, design and business talents for our annual Health Hackathon at Mindspace Berlin.

The stakes of the competition were high—an overall prize of €13,5k for a total of 5 different challenges. Over 100 healthcare enthusiasts registered to take on the 48 hour coding marathon.

The goal of the event was to connect and support the entrepreneurial spirit of the city. It was a huge success considering the excitement of the hackathon was palpable. However, it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our program partners, apoBank, arvato CRM Healthcare, Munich RE, Philips, Sanofi in Germany and Dentons, as well as our community partners such as Hack HPI, World Health Summit and, of course, Mindspace.

Challenges & Winners

The participants overcame difficult challenges and exhaustion to come up with very impressive, innovative solutions. Read below to see the winners!

Sanofi Challenge

Prize: €3,000

Topic: Use Amazon Alexa / Echo to create value and a positive user experience for people suffering from diabetes

Winner: Sugarcane

Team: Leonardo Opitz, Katarina Braune, Jan-Christopher Pien, Andreas Schuster.

Sugarcane’s Solution:

60% of all people with diabetes calculate their bolus insulin doses wrong and end up in hypo- (life threatening) and hyperglycaemia (harmful to organs). This is mostly because of impairments, laziness, bad user experience or difficult context (hands dirty while cooking).

Sugarcane helps people with insulin therapy, T1, T2 and Gestational diabetes, to conveniently calculate the correct insulin dose and bolus and increase their quality of life through easier interactions based on voice.

Arvato CRM Healthcare Challenge

Prize: €3,000

Topic: Increase the quality of life of patients

Winner: DOCYET – The nutrition-advisor Laura

Team: Florian Bontrup, Alberto de Miguel Valdunciel, Alberto Hernández Cerezo, Lisa Jaudszims

DocYet’s Solution:

A huge share of the population is too fat and doesn’t follow good eating habits. There are already advisors like are Arvato that you could connect to via phone, but it’s difficult to share data with them and provide a complete picture of the situation.

DocYet collects and aggregate already-available user data from different sources like Apple healthkit and public open data to give a comparison on how the user is doing in terms of health. Based on the automatically retrieved data, the Bot “Laura” will do follow-up questions to enrich the profile with more information without annoying the user with unnecessary questions.

apoBank Challenge

Prize: €3,000

Topic: How can we improve the daily or business life of doctors, dentists or pharmacists?!”

Winner: Blue2White

Team: Aleksej Schoen, Idan Nesher and Krutarth Patel

Blue2White’s Solution:

Blue2White is a web platform which will help doctors to overcome the barrier for starting their clinical practice and make the journey from concept to implementation hurdle free. The platform will suggest the most economical solution for entire sites including the medical devices and workforce needed assuring effective and efficient operations.

Philips Challenge

Prize: €3,000

Topic: Improve the workflow & satisfaction of midwives (B2B solution)

Winner: AskMidwife

Team: Janna Brettingen, Hajnalka Héjja

AskMidwife’s Solution:

AskMidwife is a chatbot solution for the most common pain points of midwives. With its 3 main features, it is able to: 1) Answer some basic questions on pregnancy and breastfeeding, save time for midwives that they would spend on answering unnecessary calls and messages

2) Allow a “diary” function where women log how they feel and what’s challenging during pregnancy. This is free text input that is connected to IBM Watson’s personality analyzing feature, giving an overview of the patient’s mental status.

3) Schedule appointments and manage calendars in an easier and faster for both midwives and patients.

This would be the natural extension of their already working chatbot, Izzy.

Overall Jury Prize

Prize: €1,500

Winner: Sugarcane

On top of all of these amazing prizes, Dentons decided to award the most legally feasible solution with one hour of legal counseling. And the winner was… you guessed it, Sugarcane! They really rocked the stage this year.

We congratulate all the winners and applaud all the participants for their endless determination and creativity.

Below are some highlights of the Health Hackathon!