FinTech Mumbai Startup of the Week – Manage My Fortune

FinTech Mumbai Startup of the Week – Manage My Fortune

17-May-2017 by Shantum Gupta

For years, access to high-quality wealth management has been hidden behind high walls. An average retail investor has to mostly rely on marketing driven advice when it comes to managing his or her money. Although the number of qualified financial advisors is rising, the channels to reach them have not been evolving at the same pace.

Our latest Mumbai startup of the week is Manage My Fortune, a wealth management platform with a mission to provide retail investors with high quality, unbiased, performance driven investment advice from certified advisors. Founded by Sameer Naringrekar, Manage My Fortune is amongst one of the most innovative startups in its field, and through it, Sameer wants to change the game in Wealth Management.

We spoke with him to understand more about his journey so far:

1. Tell us about your background.

I’m a computer science graduate and have worked in various management and consultancy roles in the industry for over 11 years. After having spent more than a decade in the industry, the growing need for business domain expertise led to towards an MBA, which I earned from ISB from 2004-2006.

2. So what got you interested in wealth management?

During my MBA, I found equity analysis and forecasting to be really interesting. The combination of technical analysis and understanding the business really attracted me, especially given my background. After earning the MBA, I worked in equity research and other business roles for more than 10 years. During this time, I delved even deeper into forecasting methods and the underlying mathematical models behind popular techniques. It was a fascinating subject, and I really enjoyed working in a space where I could use all of my academic and experiential knowledge base.

3. How did that lead you to founding Manage My Fortune?

After spending many years in the equity research and strategic advisory space, I wanted to take my subject matter expertise and go directly to people with wealth management advice. The audience that I wanted to target didnot have access to unbiased advice of this quality, and I felt that the need was strong. That’s where I reached a roadblock. There weren’t any channels or platforms I could leverage in order to reach this audience. This is primarily what proved to be the seed behind the Manage My Fortune venture.

4. Wealth management services require a lot of cooperation and partnerships with BFSI institutions. How was the experience of getting the first few key partnerships in place?

It was definitely a mixed bag. Some organisations were not quite sure what we wanted to do, and whether it would even work. However, as we spoke to more and more people, we found that there were organisations that were excited about bringing innovation to the industry. Once we found the right partner, they were incredibly helpful and provided a lot of support.

My key takeaway was that you must keep the belief in yourself and your mission, and not be afraid to talk to as many people as you can.

5. As the Startupbootcamp program nears it’s end, what was the best thing about it for you?

I really admired the way that each and every day of the program was structured. The SBC team put in a lot of effort into making sure we were making the most out of every day of the program, through workshops, mentor meetings and so many other things that we experienced. That was definitely the best part for me.

Manage My Fortune is continuously adding more users and investment advisors to their platform, and are working hard to develop one of the best user experiences in the market. The solution is already one of the best in its field, and the team is constantly at work to make it better.

If you have any questions for the team, or would like to get in touch with them to explore synergies, please write in to us at fintechmumbai [at]

Shantum Gupta