Weekly InsurTech Startup in Residence Spotlight: CBien, a digital asset management platform for belongings

Weekly InsurTech Startup in Residence Spotlight: CBien, a digital asset management platform for belongings

25-Apr-2017 by Kristin Bell

Our Startup Spotlight this week is CBien.

CBien, meaning “Your Assets”, enables individuals to create an inventory of the possessions that are the most important in their lives. CBien is an asset management platform and a marketplace for consumers to capture and manage their assets in one place. Its visual display enables users to upload, value, insure, claim, rent, give and sell those assets you own at the touch of a button. These could be many or few such as a picture or a camera. A watch or a laptop. A bike or a car. An expensive pair of shoes or a designer dress.


Can you please introduce yourselves?

David: Hi I’m David, I’m the co-founder and CEO of the company.

Marie: I’m Marie, and I’m the Head of Insurance of the company.

Andrei: I’m Andrei, I’m Head of Retail.

Leif: My name is Leif, and I’m responsible for the German-speaking areas.

What does CBien do?

David: We don’t know, we need to try.


David: Okay, okay.

Marie: Basically, we are a digital asset management platform for your belongings.

Leif: We help people to reference, estimate, or manage their belongings.

Andrei: We do this by breaking the barrier to inventory things.

So you guys go back to France basically every weekend. How many bottles of wine do you think you’ve brought back in total from France to London over the period of the program?

David: That’s a nice question. I think at the beginning, it was 2 per week, but now it’s more. Because more and more people are coming to the “French Time” every Wednesday. So I think we’re at 3-4 quality bottles of wine per week now.

Marie: We tried to test wine on beer tour every Tuesday, but it’s impossible to do because Beer Tour is strictly beer.

What advice would you give to other future entrepreneurs?

David: Stay employed.

Andrei: Run. Run.


David: In my opinion, the most important thing is to gather a great team as a startup because you’re not able to do everything alone, and you will need to have people with you. I think if you are a great team, you can make great things. You need people who are more willing to learn than to know, people who have a trajectory and not only experience, and people who can do and not just tell. And people who can work together.

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Marie: scrambled eggs.

Andrei: Pepperoni pizza.

David: and truffle.

Leif: This is very difficult for me.

David: Sausage?

Leif: no not sausage. I think some kind of Bavarian food.

How is CBien changing insurance?

David: Are we changing insurance?

Penny: Apparently.


Marie: We are helping insurers to be part of a global project and asset management, rather than just providing insurance.

Andrei: We help insurers move from necessary evil to guardian angel.

David: the idea is to position them inside the customer journey, and for them not to just be present at certain parts (contract renewal and filing claim), but to be present when a customer buys something, etc. We allow them to be in good faith with their customers.

Marie: We think people want to protect their stuff, but they also have the ability to resell, share, etc.

What is something funny or quirky about your teammates?

David: nothing.


Penny: great team.

Andrei: very fun.


Marie: As French, we try to be classy in our dress—you can see us—but then the boss dresses like this *points to David’s casual outfit*


David: Leif and I have won the Beer Tour competition twice. We are the picture of victory.


You can learn more about CBien here and follow their journey on Twitter.

Kristin Bell

Global Head of Marketing, InsurTech
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