FinTech & CyberSecurity Startup of the Week: How WolfWay Helps People Invest With Confidence

FinTech & CyberSecurity Startup of the Week: How WolfWay Helps People Invest With Confidence

04-Apr-2017 by Natalia Sakmarova

When it comes to making investment decisions, traders and investors have to rely on their understanding of the available information about the market or on the knowledge of their financial advisors. That often results in them feeling insecure about their choices and being disappointed with the outcomes. At the same time, despite having a lot of data about the customers, banks and financial institutions struggle with understanding their changing behavior.

WolfWay from our FinTech & CyberSecurity accelerator program in Amsterdam has found a way to understand how successful investors make decisions and what the results of these decisions are. This Italian team has developed a Deep Learning engine tool that analyzes actions and thoughts of investors to understand their goals and needs, providing predictive insights about the crowd wisdom. We had a chat with the WolfWay team to find out more about their unique solution.


Tell us more about WolfWay. How exactly does it work?

No one can predict the market, but the market is made by people, and human behavior is much more predictable. What we do at WolfWay is analyzing people instead of the market.

We gather two kinds of data about investors. First of all, we know what they do by gathering the information from banks and directly from our users on what investors buy, what quantity, and what price. We use this data in behavioral analytics. Second of all, we know what investors think by connecting to their social networks and analyzing their sentiments about, for example, financial instruments. Based on this analytics data, we provide a prediction about what the investors are likely to do and what the outcome of their choices will be.

We offer our flexible solution to banks who can connect their data to it or use it in their infrastructure. We also provide this service to investors who can use the WolfWay platform to analyze their performance and make a comparison to other investors. What they can do with our platform is creating a dashboard with all kinds of widgets including information about them and information about other people. They can then create an interactive real-time report that will support them while they make investment decisions.

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What are your accelerator experiences so far?

Startupbootcamp accelerator program is an awesome experience. We have applied for the program with a goal to get access to the big network of Startupbootcamp and haven’t been disappointed. The program is well-organized and we have met many great people here.

What would be your most memorable moment from the program?

When we were able to sleep 4 hours at night… That was really memorable! 🙂 On the serious note, one of the most memorable moments was when we pitched at Holland FinTech meetup at Delta Lloyd. We really liked it especially because we met many interesting people who were actively interacting with all the startup teams. It was a start to a good relationship and great opportunities for further collaboration.

Demo Day is taking place on the 7th of April. We want to be prepared for this event as well as possible, so we are working hard. It will be legendary!

What are you planning to do after Demo Day?

We will continue working with potential customers and clients, as our product is ready-to-use. We see a lot of opportunities in the Dutch market and a lot of interest from Dutch partners. There is a big need for a data mining solution in this country, because banks have a lot of data and, if they could transform this data into actionable design, it would be of an extremely high value for them. This is what WolfWay can help them with.

Discover more about WolfWay on their website.

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