Singapore Startup of the Week :

Singapore Startup of the Week :

20-Apr-2017 by Kate Fitzpatrick

The world of e-commerce is quickly changing. Online stores have continued to develop since they first began in 1994. The benefits of Social media and the rise in user-friendly online payment systems has encouraged this booming industry. In 2017, eCommerce sales are estimated to reach a whopping $1.915 Trillion. While this industry continues to grow, the churn rate of customers is astounding. With more than half of digital shopper abandoning their carts when interacting with e-commerce sites, this is the time for a new solution. This is the time for is the fastest way to buy, sell & collect payments everywhere within one unified AI interface, making transactions effortless and simple. Co-founders Yash and Nyha are here to discuss the details:

Where did you come up with the idea of

While shopping for a cousin’s wedding, Nyha wanted to gift something unique. During this Nyha discovered 100’s of amazing products from great sellers and groups on social media. However, these products weren’t  available on any e-commerce site. After tossing up between a few items, Nyha discovered all of these sellers hoped to finalise the sale through a range of instant chat platforms.

This, however, was a fragmented and gruellingly process with a whole range of issues.  The constant back and forth communication, long wait times between messages, the inability of merchants to provide product information in a personalised & structured way left Nyha frustrated. In addition, constant upselling by these sellers, who often resorted to daily spam, linking to broken payment processes, only fuelled our frustration. A seed was planted. This experience provided us with the opportunity to explore the automation of these processes and thus was born. Our solution to bring merchants to transact where their customers are and will be.

Why did you decide to name it ‘’?

The name was crafted through various iterations that would enhance merchant and buyer interactions.Automate the checkout process and in turn sales JUMP. The jump that allows the shortest route from engagement to purchase.

How works

How allows merchants to buy, sell & collect payments everywhere, within one unified AI interface.

What are other channels and markets does plan to expand into with AI-powered eCommerce?

Our target market focus is Singapore and India! From there, we plan to expand to USA, UK ( and Europe) Australia, and then on to the world.

Our platform is already integrated with Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and Youtube. From here we plan to expand our social channels to Linkedin, Pinterest and Snapchat. Simultaneously, our AI interface will be opened up to WeChat, Skype, Viber and other Instant Messenger platforms.

As the fast-growing commercial platform from alpha to beta version, have you faced any issues to control this fast race? How has overcome these?

The user experience started off very basic but has evolved massively over time. The feedback from our earliest merchants played a pivotal role to make the platform as frictionless as possible. At this point, we are focusing on continually providing a seamless AI interface and upping the cool-factor on the personality of our chatbot 😉

Tell us about your superstar team!

Yash and Nyha were introduced in 2014 by a common acquaintance who saw a striking resemblance in their ideology and out of the box while being inside kinda thinking. In the last three years, Nyha and Yash have worked on numerous ventures together. We have successfully run a software development agency, failed at a social network app, sold an advertising startup, merged a game with a leading website – created a few cool side projects. Went from a team of 2 to 17, dropped to 4. Lots of learnings along the way with the major one being, never say die – keep innovating and building.

Today we are a team of 5 rockstars. Kru has been with us practically since the beginning. Anik joined us months before we shut down our social network app – but miraculously saw the passion we all worked with, and stuck by us introducing another team member Ankit. Together we bring to life.

Tell us a little bit more about the companies that can benefit from and how they can benefit.

We offer our clients seamless and frictionless integration with There are no apps to download and no websites to build. Business as usual exactly where your customers are and will be. The customers that we have worked with have seen an average of 22-25% jump in their sales.

We look forward to working with brands, SME’s, SMB’s, Instashops, blog shops and merchants leveraging social media to get a prompt ROI. Hence our tagline, #EverywhereCommerce – Comment, Confirm, Done!

What do you think & what will be the biggest takeaway for from Startupbootcamp FinTech Program by the end of the journey?

Our key takeaways would be the access to a pool of mentors relevant to our industry, networking opportunities that widen the product horizon and pipelines towards our funding goals. Wouldn’t want to term this as the end of our journey at SBC, this for us is only the beginning and would love to engage frequently with the team and the alumni companies.

What to hear more about how actually works? Check them out here or drop us a line for an introduction at


Kate Fitzpatrick