Meet the 2017 cohort for Startupbootcamp FinTech Singapore!

Meet the 2017 cohort for Startupbootcamp FinTech Singapore!

10-Apr-2017 by Kate Fitzpatrick

The world of finance continues to transform. Smart solutions and innovative ideas continue to drive progress in an environment characterised by strong incumbents and strict regulation. In financial services, both B2C and B2B interactions are seeing a continued growth in solutions that bring increasing ease and efficiency, and continue to open the door to new opportunities for FinTechs and incumbents alike.

The world of finance is evolving at a greater pace than has ever previously been seen. Money in the digital age has been transformed from a tangible object to just a few bytes of data. The game has changed, and new players are emerging every day.

We hunt for those new players, and when we find them, we support their growth. This week we welcome 11 startups to our Singapore accelerator that we believe have the potential to change the world of finance.

The key to the growth of FinTechs is their ability to engage and collaborate with existing financial institutions. The industry evolves most effectively and most beneficially when startups are supported by FIs with the hard-won clout, customers, data and market reach that years in the business brings. For our startups, the support offered by expert mentors, partners and regulators enable them to evolve faster, implement more quickly and attack the market with greater strength. This is why we collaborate with our industry partners in the selection of our cohort companies, calling on them to have a say in who we think is the next “game changer” for financial services across Asia and beyond.

As part of Selection Days 12 partners spent 48 hours meeting, mentoring and challenging the shortlist of 20 startups that arrived in Singapore with hopes of joining the world’s leading accelerator focused on financial innovation.

Today, our Top 11 arrive in Singapore, ready to begin the most intense 12 weeks of their startup journey. Today they commence a focused development curriculum that broadly breaks down into 3 key stages: 1. Shape, 2. Build, 3. Sell. The program culminates with Demo Day in Singapore on 5 July 2017.

As we launch our third cohort of FinTech startups in Singapore, we welcome 11 teams from 7 different countries:





AIM (South Korea) – Automated investment service






CherryPay (Taiwan) – A faster, cheaper and more convenient international P2P money transfer matching platform.







Fugle (Taiwan) – The best digital brokerage firm for self-directed investors



JUMPER - - FINTECH SINGAPORE – (India) The fastest way to buy, sell & collect payments everywhere within one unified AI interface.








Morakot Technology – (Cambodia) – Simple and reliable core-banking system for microfinance and banks.







SmallTicket (South Korea) – Online social insurance broker rewarding for people in purchasing insurance.







Scalend ( India) – Helps companies integrate data & build omni-channel customer journeys, backed by a data lake.







Smartfolios ( Singapore) – Online advisory and investment platform empowering investors to meet their investment goals.








SmartTrade (Japan) – System trade platform for stock market . Quants users can develop own AI algorithms and share it.







Tixguru (Taiwan) – Tixguru brings the best trading experience to you by offering quant platform & AI robot advisor.







Vesl (Phillipines) – Innovative trade finance solutions for traditional and online commerce.




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As a recap – Check out what our partners and startups got up to at Selection Days. This year’s Selection Days was held for the first time at the world’s largest FinTech hub @LATTICE80.



Kate Fitzpatrick