International Innovation & a Navy SEAL: Startupbootcamp Barcelona DemoDay

International Innovation & a Navy SEAL: Startupbootcamp Barcelona DemoDay

07-Mar-2017 by Amy McCready

“There are 3 ways you can leave the airplane. The 1st is getting pushed out, the 2nd is pretty comical, you’ll see guys squat down trying to get a little closer to 13,999 ft and six inches…or thirdly, you can go head first, all in, everybody goes, you follow each other. It’s all in, all the time. All the brain technology on the planet won’t replace the determination of the human spirit. That’s what’s gonna take you from a great idea to a great company.”

That’s one way to keep a crowd awake!

This was from our animated keynote speaker Alden Mills, as he spoke to a highly entertained, quite shocked – and maybe a little scared – crowd of investors.

Last Tuesday we held our anticipated 2017 Demo Day at 4YFN (4 Years From Now), for the 3rd year in a row. Our eight brilliant startups pitched their products to a full house of investors and potential customers, as part of the colossal Mobile World Congress.

This year, over 19,000 people attended 4YFN, over 2000 visited our stand, around 10,000 handshakes were exchanged and approximately 3 million bottles of beer were consumed (or so it seemed).

All our teams hail from the world of IoT & Data Tech but have very different concepts, ranging from a Virtual Reality search engine to an intelligent energy management device called ‘Brain’.

The Spanish minister of Industry, Álvaro Nadal, also joined the startups on stage to share his appreciation for their work and his excitement for the future of the digital world, in Spain and beyond: “Sharing these ideas with you all and realising there are people with a real ambition to help society and the world, is a pleasure and an honour. You are the future.”


Our keynote speaker Alden Mills, an ex-Navy SEAL Commander turned successful entrepreneur, shocked the audience with his unconventional speech, comparing the extreme conditions under which Navy SEALs operate to the extreme uncertain conditions startups face.

He is the founder and CEO of one of Inc. magazine’s Fastest Growing Companies in America, Perfect Fitness and has over 25 years of experience developing high-impact leaders in business & the military. He also recently published his first book ‘Be Unstoppable: The 8 Essential Actions to Succeed at Anything’.

As he addressed in his Keynote, determination is everything and he can see that in our eight startups, “they have really displayed the best opportunities for success. After you’ve seen them go through 3 months of intensive training, you know they clearly showed determination. I suspect their ideas will be even better as they continue with the training they have received from Startupbootcamp.”

A special mention should go to our rockstar alumni Hu:toma who knocked it out the park once again, winning the 4YFN Internet of Things award, as well as the TechCrunch Pitch – off award. Congrats to Maurizio, Andrea & co!

hutoma winner

Demo Day was truly a remarkable event and the conversations & contacts that were made have shown how much potential our startups have – although we already knew!

If you couldn’t make it to our Demo Day, don’t fret – you can watch it here!

On behalf of the whole Startupbootcamp Barcelona team and our startups, we want to say a huge thank you to our mentors, partners & all who took part in this year’s program.

It’s been a fun ride.

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