Recap of Startupbootcamp Digital Health Demo Day, 16 Feb 2017

Recap of Startupbootcamp Digital Health Demo Day, 16 Feb 2017

20-Feb-2017 by Harsha Jagasia

We, at Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin, had our first ever Demo Day on 16 Feb 2017, where our cohort of 10 Digital Health startups presented their business to a 350+ audience of investors, entrepreneurs and Digital Health enthusiasts in the city, at the legendary bcc Berlin Congress Center.

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The program’s Managing Director, Juliane Zielonka, kickstarted the Demo day with a brief outlook on the incredible journey of the entire cycle, followed by a fireside chat with Min-Sung Sean Kim on an investor’s perspective on Digital Health landscape in Germany. She was also joined briefly on stage by Nick Sankey from World Child Cancer Organization who introduced the audience on their initiative to improve diagnosis, treatment and support for children with cancer, and their families in the developing world.

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Then the pitches started. Each startup was introduced proudly by their lead mentor, an industry expert who has mentored and guided these startups during the 3 month accelerator program. And they should be proud too, given the impressive growth the startups have shown in this 90 day period.

Here is a brief introduction of the 2016 cohort of Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin.

YuScale, Germany: Determines the carbohydrates and other nutritions of ready to eat meals which is the daily pain point for diabetics.

iRewardHealth, USA: An evidence-based incentive program motivating healthy behavior change through an adaptive reward system adjusting to user’s level of engagement.

Memoria, Israel: A location-based platform aimed at guiding, assisting and monitoring Alzheimer’s patients throughout their daily routines.

MediLad, Germany: A virtual health assistant (AI) that provides curated content in women’s health and Sexual Transmitted Diseased (STIs) through instant messaging platforms.

Paralign, USA: A thought and mood tracker with combined AIs that help users identify recurring thought patterns, creating support communities in mental health.

Innovitas Vitae, Italy: A diagnostic biomarker screening (IMMUNOX™) to detect temporary infertility in women and a food supplement (NOFLAMOX™) as an effective approach for female infertility care.

Coronect, Germany: A unique medical device which sends vital signs directly to the cloud for physicians to analyze anywhere, anytime.

FindAir, Poland: A smart inhaler for people suffering from asthma that tracks geo-location based data that can help to prevent an asthma episode, reduce the needed medication dosage and teach users about the triggers.

Dermtest, Estonia: A Platforms-as-a-Service (PaaS) that helps people to get fast access to skin-cancer early detection services at the nearest GP’s practice.

Couch, Portugal:  Platforms-as-a-Service (PaaS) helping  patients solve the difficulties of access to health care professionals through video consultations in an easy and simple way.

With an outlook to transforming healthcare, we can’t wait to see these startups grow bigger and addressing the gaps with their technology.

Harsha Jagasia

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