Highlights from the Startupbootcamp Digital Health Hackathon, 16 Feb 2017

Highlights from the Startupbootcamp Digital Health Hackathon, 16 Feb 2017

01-Feb-2017 by Harsha Jagasia

On the weekend of Friday 13th, Berlin’s best tech, design and business talent came together for the Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin’s Health Hackathon. The event is a part of the accelerator’s way of connecting and supporting the entrepreneurial spirit of the city, and saw some very innovative hacks addressing common issues in Digital Health.

Over 120  healthcare enthusiasts registered for the 48h coding marathon at Mindspace Berlin. The event was met with a great support from our partners, apoBank, arvato CRM Healthcare, Munich Health, Philips & Sanofi in Germany. The event was also supported externally by tech & design mentors, such as Dustin DiTommaso, VP at Boston based MadPow Behavior Design Agency and Adjunct Design Professor, and Mehmet Onarcan, Angel Investor & Founder of Mentor Network Turkey.


Sanofi challenged the participants to help tackle the counterfeit medicine market! Drugs that have been made illegally pose a threat to public health, and harm both consumers and producers of legally created and tested medicines. SecurPharm codes present on the packaging of legitimate medicines uniquely identify the drug and producer, so that the pharmacist and end user know whether a drug is safe to use or not.

Arvato CRM Healthcare asked the participants to improve patient adherence by providing an empathetic, scientific and life enhancing solution.

apoBank opened a challenge to create a digital concept where knowledge meets and matches the needs of young physicians, dentists and pharmacists who are driven to open their own business.

Philips posed a question as to how can we coach people to make the changes they need to be healthy? How can we remove hurdles and pave the way to a healthy life in the short, mid and long term?

Startupbootcamp challenges the participants to create or adapt a technology to bring improved health and quality of life to women worldwide.

Winners & Prizes

We had some very innovative solutions coming up to address the challenges posed by the partners, from chatbots to heatmaps to voice recognition, B2B to B2C and from EU markets to Mexico. The judges had a tough task ahead of them in scoring the teams.

The overall best solution, selected by the jury, was Double Trust, that tackled the issue to prevent counterfeit medicines from being sold by QR Scan codes for individual medicine packs.

The SBC Health Hackathon 2017 winners are *drumrolls*

Startupbootcamp overall prize – 1500€ + two tickets to the World Health Summit worth each 890€

TEAM Double Trust

Gustavo Madico, Leonardo Opitz

Honorable mention : TEAM  FounderDoc

Honorable mention : TEAM Drugcheck

apoBank Challenge – 2000€

TEAM FounderDoc

Manuel, Marco, Pouria

Sanofi challenge – 2000€

TEAM drugcheck

Regina, Richard, Fedor, Bine

Philips Challenge – 6 months for free in Hamburg at Philips Innovation Hub 

TEAM Vitamy

Burak, Lena

Startupbootcamp challenge – 2 tickets to Startupbootcamp Health Summit worth 199€ each

TEAM Althea


arvato CRM Healthcare challenge – honorable mention

TEAM Follow+App

Tabitha, Mahkameh, Pablo, Eduardo

We congratulate all the winners and applaud all the participants for their endless determination and creativity.

Here are some highlights of the event.

More photos can be seen here.

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