FoodTech Mentor Spotlight: Simone Rosati

FoodTech Mentor Spotlight: Simone Rosati

16-Feb-2017 by Gianmarco Fratangeli

Today our mentor spotlight is pointed on Simone Rosati.

He is currently training with Ci.Effe. Consulting our startups on their soft skills, from the stage presence to people management.

With a degree in Philosophy of Mind and a PhD thesis in Epistemology of Complexity and Integral Theory in Bergamo and San Francisco, Simone is an international expert in Adult Development Training.

Simone is a master practitioner in NLP, a world memory championship official competitor (2nd level, Italian Memory Championship 2014), certified emotional intelligence Trainer and Coach with six, first level certified Integral Coach, a human resources recruiter (HKE Enneagram method) and a certified outdoor and survival Trainer.

As a trainer, consultant and training program designer, he has been working for important international companies, universities, and NGOs such as UN logistic base & strategic base, Goodyear, H&M, BMW Italy, Campari, Mellin Danone, IBM and much more.

G: “So, Simone, what brings you to Startupbootcamp FoodTech? Why did you choose to join Startupbootcamp FoodTech as a mentor?”

S: Ci.Effe international Consulting Marketing Business Unit found you and shared with the rest of our company your wonderful role as an international incubator. I still remember the day our MKTG B.U. talked about you: I was so curious to start a collaboration that I immediately changed my agenda in order to meet Diego and Gianmarco!

Then, after our first workshop with all the startuppers, a super intense 2 hours together, I was already totally convinced our partnership would have been a great win-win!

To me, being your soft skills Mentor is an honor and an opportunity to give back to these young startuppers the best knowledge and methods I’ve been gathering all over the world in the last 10 years about soft skills’ impact on business. I hope they will start A CULTURE and not only a business: this is my personal challenge!

G: “How could you be value-added for selected teams?”

S: Well, soft skills training programs my team and I design are all science-based and explicitly customized to allow startuppers to develop  SoftSkills like resilience, proactivity, willpower, active listening, empowerment, coaching-mindset&approach. All these skills are learnable and we have easy-to-use protocols to help startuppers implement them in their future business from day 1.

G: “You are an expert also of public speaking. Could you give few key tips to all startups out there to improve their stage presence?

S: I love Public speaking: it literally changed my life from being a shy person to becoming the leader I always wanted to be! It is actually one of the skills that can have the greatest impact of all when it comes to pitch (neurotic) moments!

We already shared with them our model for an integral approach to Public Speaking and it is called the LOVE APPROACH. You need to picture in your mind an important romantic date: you play the role of the organizer, the seducer,  and your partner plays the one of the person being seduced by you (i know: pretty stereotypical metaphor from an Italian… ).

LOVE approach teaches you the complete toolkit to have the greatest impact by guiding your attention on the crucial focus point. Let’s walk the path together.

  1. L stands for the Loved one. First focus point. You need to literally become your audience: I mean, literally! There are several techniques here and you especially want to become your audience’s needs planetary expert!
  2. O stands for cOntents. Second focus point. You need to brainstorm your topics, chunk them up and then draw a nice mindmap. One quick tip here is: the triple redundancy ancient secret from the best public speaker of all, the Order of Preachers, Dominican Friars (Giordano Bruno was the peak of this tradition). I) Say what you will say, II) say it, III)  say that you said it.
  3. V stands for vitality. We have one of the most robust scientific evidence that our body language has the biggest impact on our audiences. Therefore: manage your glance with Windscreen wiper technique (virtually have an eye contact with all your listeners); mind your gestures with parking pose for your hands, clear and meaningful gestures; mind your body by standing open and upright way.
  4. E, finally, stand for environment. This last crucial point is, at the same time, simple, super powerful and ….always ignored! Study the environment in which you will deliver your speech and do as many rehearsals as you can… right there!

G: “How do you see the future of FoodTech?”

S: I think that in the next 10 years we will see an exacerbation of the present paradox of food consumers reverting to the simplicity and trustworthiness of naturally grown foods fresh from the farm while at the same time the exponential technologies applied to this industry will change entirely the way we access food in the first place and potentially dehumanizing ways of eating.

I’m a strong supporter of the Conscious Capitalism movement, a new form of Capitalism able to focus at the same time on the four BIG P: profit, people, planet, purpose. FoodTech industry has an enormous voice in this regard. Precision farming will give a huge contribution to the first P of profit with a whole new level of cost reduction initiatives, precise tracking of all the food lifecycle will give to the P of people the power to choose, precision technologies will also give an incredibly positive contribution to the difficult debate around pesticides covering also the P of planet; P of purpose will also be covered by what I expect will be an entirely new level of business which is the definitive disappearance of unhealthy and unfair distribution of food.

In conclusion, I’m really optimistic about this industry playing a key role in the reshaping of how we will design a new future of profit, people, planet and purpose common advantage.

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